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Daily S130 progress


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Heres an update but still needs a long way till it will be finished!

Upcoming projects: Paint, wheels, fix camber


1983 Datsun 280zx N/A GL

139,xxx original miles

5 speed

Daily driven




All Fluid recently changed (oil, tranny, diff, coolant, brakes)

New front brakes (pad and rotors)

New Radiator w/ electrical fan

Optima red top battery

Rear brakes still good

Retrofitted 240sx front knuckles

Replaced ball joints, outer tie rods, sway bar bushings, strut rod bushings, rack and pinion boots

S13 PBM coilovers

Interior has both seats, rear is gutted

Uncracked black dash

Digital Cluster

Momo Hub and Monte Carlo wheel

Working power windows


15x8 -30ish? Eagle wheels

Euro H4 lamps

6k HIDs



Has minor rust spots at t-top and surface rust inside engine bay fenders

No radio

Needs new paint job


Heres just a couple of pics I found on the computer...





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This car is 10x cooler than PPKs just because its not dragging the frame on the ground with stupid stretched tires....and it doesnt have a smashed in 1/4 panel. Cars awesome man, keep up the good work.


lol u mad bro?


the only reason someone get's PBM's is to go low


the fact that 240SX coilovers go about 2" on a 280ZX, I didn't realize that the PBM's could possibly go that high.

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Has minor rust spots at t-top and surface rust inside engine bay fenders


If you have an orbital sander along with elbow grease, try to attack the surface rust first thing. There are several products on the market to deactivate surface rust that will seal over as well. I prefer the Permatex product.


My 2 cents



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Dont get me wrong but your car is pretty dope. Yeah the PBM coils go lower I just went half way, the first time I put them on the rear wheels werent touching the floor lol. right now is okey, wanted to go lower but the chassis is .5" off the ground.


The other problem im running into is the front camber, need to customize a lower control arms since the camber plates are maxed out.

and I need to cut into the metal piece where the lower control arm is hitting.

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I find it hard to believe your rails are half an inch off the ground, but ok lol


you're probably going to want to do the "bumpsteer mod" service that PBM has to space the control arm a little farther down to help with the clearance to the crossmember, and you can also cut out about a half an inch out of the crossmember lip (that's what I did)


something you may want to try if you find it bottoming out when you accelerate is to swap the front springs to the back and also possibly remove your rear sway bar.


what size tires are you running?

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