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Windshield Seal

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I'm in the middle of sanding through 4 layers of paint on my 240Z, to paint it from scratch properly. It was originally brown, then white, then red, and now white.

Anyway, I am looking for new windshield and hatch glass seals that do not accept the chrome trim. I'd like it to look blacked out, like this car: http://imgur.com/sIofO


Did this person maybe just paint the chrome moldings black and place them back into the weather strip? Does anyone have any more information on this car?



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I've done a lot of research on this as well. There is no gasket that comes smooth like that right now. Vintage Rubber was supposed to be coming out with what they call "California Style" smooth gaskets for the front and rear, but they have been in the same development phase for a couple years now. I contacted them on an ETA, and they projected March of this year. I contacted them again a month or two ago, and got no reply. Still, they advertise it on their website as "Coming Soon!"


Other than that, you could shave off the little lip that accepts the chrome, but that would be a very painstaking process and probably wouldn't turn out right. What I have thought about doing is painting the chrome satin black and installing it like that.


I think filling it in with RTV will probably result in a messy uneven look similar to trying to trim the lip off.


Let us know if you find any other solutions.

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I've never used an RTV that matches the black of the windshield seal. It always looks a slightly different color and looks like crap. So no, don't do it. I painted my stainless trim with SEM trim black a few years ago and never looked back. It looks great and holds up well if you prep the surface right. I've also known some people who just don't put the molding back in the windshield seal. Yes there is a big gap, yes it's a pain to put the trim back in. Your choice on whether the effort is worth it to you or not.

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