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280zx track car

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Having major issues re-integrating on this site. Cannot seem to get my computer to access and finish uploading from photobucket.

Anyway, if you have a look on youtube for user name LS1280zx and search for hillclimb crash, you will see the demise of my old car.


New car started as a spare parts car, bought for $300 for its r200 diff and power steering rack. As it turned out, this car had some serious rust (which has all been cut out and repaired) but not in crucial areas.

Since you are never meant to test your rollcage - and I did, I decided to overengineer a lot of the car. Both front and rear strut towers were strengthen with 3mm plate and the rollcage now extends to towers. Extra bars, extra triangles, got rid of tartga tops and welded up.

Taught myself to fibreglass, made my own moulds, created my own car. So whole front end including doors are now fibreglass, bonnet and doors have extra layer of Kevlar to prevent shatter in case of accident.

Overall weight is now 1200kg wet. Still a bit of a fat pig.

Car runs 295/30R18 tyres all round, still has LS1, although with some trick 5.3 litre heads with 6.0 litre valves installed. About 550hp at motor.

Car took forever to rebuild, now slowly getting back into racing it. Really need some setup work now.


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Further updates...

now independent 9 inch 

and Quaife sequential.


and I went racing. 

In Australia we call this sport sedans. You can race anything, as long as 6 litre capacity and engine in mid to front. 

Most guys in this video are tube chassis running SB2 chev.





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