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Datsun 280zx sputtering and popping


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Hey guys, troubleshooting question for you. Here's what I'm looking at.


My car was slowly running worse and worse, so I pulled it into the garage to go over everything a few days ago. I found out the culprit for my crappy idle and misfiring was a cap full of water that had corroded the connection. So after a new cap and rotor and wire brushing the contacts on the plug wires, it idled fine.


HOWEVER, when I tried to drive the thing, it still felt like crap. I'm gonna guess its starved for fuel, but this issue started right after I replaced the original injectors with new MSA OEM injectors.


If you have the time, I've got 2 videos below that I took of the car and the issues I'm having. You may or may not be able to hear the issue, because I've got the car running a 3-2 header straight into a 2.5inch pipe, terminated by a Vibrant black series muffler, so I know that it will be raspy and snap/crackle/pop a lot anyways.






Any pointers you guys could give me would be wonderful. I'm guessing I need to replace the fuel pump, but would like a little more confirmation than a hunch before I start dropping money on this issue.





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If you only replaced the injectors I would go back over everything you took apart when you replaced them. Make sure the terminal connections are not corroded.


Some things you can check:


While the engine is idling place a long screw driver against each injector and hold your ear to the handle end of the screw driver. :o) Listen to make sure each injector is clicking.


Remove the fuel filter and try blowing through it, If it is tough to blow through it is clogged and needs to be replaced. Should be easy to blow through it.


Get a fuel pressure gauge and check fuel pressure.

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I am having similar problems

Similar to this "My car was slowly running worse and worse,.... it idled fine... when I tried to drive the thing, it still felt like crap."  


That's almost too much detail.

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