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  1. Leon, Sounds like you made some progress man! I knew the first ride after I installed the Bilsteins that they were awesome:) Good for you for making some time to do some catchup on the Z. Steve
  2. What model Z? When you say you've replaced everything, what did you replace and why did you replace each of those items? Steve
  3. Here's some pics... Have a great weekend -Steve
  4. Yep, that's one of the vent tubes for that gas vent canister. While you're there check out the other vent hoses flexibility, the gas filler tube flexibility, and the smaller hoses underneath at the tank and replace as needed. Better to do it now while you're there than later. This is part of the journey of a 40+ year old Z car - enjoy! -Steve
  5. We are on the same wavelength my friend...and I'm enjoying every minute of it This is a car, an addiction, a time machine and a memory maker all rolled into one! I'll never get rid of mine. My wife and I dated in this car, we went on our honeymoon in this car, and my Dad & Mom gave me this car for graduation. I can still remember this car sitting in the driveway after high school graduation with a big bow on it, and the 5 different shades of yellow it was, but it looked like a million bucks to me. Way to much sentimental value... -Steve
  6. Hoover, Been reading your progress/posts for a while now, and had to comment. I know what you mean with your old Z and getting the chance to pour into your kids about this car they never knew. I just got my 1970 Z back on the road last July after I garaged it in 1991 while life happened. Now I'm having a ball with my 22 year old girl - she's been going to cars and coffee with me in the Z and we're looking at old cars together! I'm loving this:) -Steve
  7. WOW You've been busy man! Look forward to seeing with the flares and the LCA's on and adjusted. Steve
  8. Thought I put it there - Sorry! Steve
  9. seattlejester - that's what section this is posted in Steve
  10. DELETE PLEASE Looking for New/Used/Good: - Good or new Luggage Riser Trim - Good or new wiring harness vinyl covering with the snaps that covers the wires on right side bottom of dash - Interior rivets, about 20-30 Thanks, Steve
  11. Leon, I would count on reinforcing that, I just think it needs to be beefier in my opinion. Bad dog parts makes some brackets for not much money, but you still use your frame rail nuts/mounting. I felt like that needed to be bigger bolts and spread just a little wider between the bolts. Also if your using the poly bushings, make sure you get that poly grease from energy suspension. Nastiest, stickiest stuff I ever used, but it works. You'll have to wash your hands 3 times to get it off! Steve
  12. Thanks for the review. I want to hear from people who have done this! Steve
  13. Anyone out there who can give me a performance review after installing SM needles to replace the stock needles in your SU carbs?? Would love to know if this was a good performance upgrade. Thanks! -Steve
  14. Thanks again for the write up on this! I installed mine several weeks ago and love it Boy is it a different ride around the corners now. - Steve
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