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You know you own a Datsun when.........


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When your keyboard and mouse are greasey because you forget your hands are when you're taking a break from working on it. When you've spent multiple times the amount of money on parts than you did on the shell. When people don't know you have one because it's in your garage still being torn down. When all you want to do is drive it, but you're nowhere near finished with your restoration. When you can name any part from the car and tell where it goes (because you've taken everything out and most of it is sprawled out on your floor) but you've yet to drive the car. When you spend hours on the mcmaster carr website thinking "you know, with that rod end, this threaded rod, a left hand nut, a right hand nut, and some welding, I could make some custom tie rod ends" Then you add it all to your cart and keep looking around and find you have 2 grand worth of hardware in the cart.


Haha the one about pulling your earwax out with a magnet is hilarious.

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You know you have a Datsun hybridZ when somebody in town gets a new Lamborghini and you don't give a crap, because you know you could smoke him any day of the week. (I live in a small town and everybody's talkin' about the Lambo driving around). I wonder if he'll need new floorpans in 40 years?

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When you spend 500 bills on the car, and +2000.00 combined getting it out of impound, on 3 occasions.


When a friend tells you its not worth it, and the guy at the impound tells you upon your paying him how many people kept trying to buy the car.


When you use the hole you punched out in the floor behind your seat to jettison wrappers on the highway, or drop banana peels in front of your friends like Mario kart.


When the older puerto rican dudes around town keep making offers even though you've repeatedly turned them down.


When your wheel cylinders leak and you crimp the line to the rear so you can get to class.


When snow isnt quite enough incentive not to drive it.


When you buy a rusty ass 195k zxt for the drivetrain alone, just to spin a bearing, then decide to invest who knows how much into it because daily driving it somehow seems more logical than cutting your losses.


When you have at least one rock auto magnet for EVERY pay stub since buying your daily project.


When that fender exit exhaust on that daily seems like such a swell idea, and you make it with scrap laying around your shop.


When you refuse to pay those tickets you racked up last year until you get the thing on the road.


When your dogs, that loved riding in the supra, wont get near your dirty d because that fender exit exhaust scares them.


When you get bored at car meets because noone there has anything even remotely as appealing as that rusted pile in your garage.


When you set up a lil fort in that unused area at work so you can hide and lurk this forum away from prying eyes.


When you run your buddies crx, and he gets a windshield full of that plastic trim between the door and quarter window.


When you figure out how to work around the popoff valve, and find out just how much boost that auto was willing to take.

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