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You know you own a Datsun when.........


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...When your college professor takes the whole class on a mini- "field trip" to go check out your car in the parking lot.


...When every older black man I meet says "hey my brother used to have one of those" and about half of the older white men I meet say "hey my wife used to have one of those"


...When kids correct you saying "you mean a 240sx?"


... When it sounds like a ferrari, looks like a jag, is faster than most new cars, and cost less than $10,000 to buy and build!

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...when you feel that hesitation on a left turn you know it's time to fill 'er up.

...when you got beer can rings on the cowl

...when you got that mysterious bump on the hood just over the radiator support

...when feel the front of your car lift up at 70 mph

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I've accumulated this list over several years from posts similar to this....



You know when you are a Z fanatic when………


...you know the salespeople at the auto parts store by name.


...people can tell if you drove " your baby" by smelling you.


...you drive a Nissan with parts from at least 3 different model cars installed on it.


…if you search and search the net for a plastic or die cast model of your car or any other Z


…if you have a stock pile of extra parts sitting in your shop or garage


…if you have tons of photos of every kind of Z on your hard drive


…if when playing gran tourismo 2 you strive to get the 240


....if you have to tell the kid at the parts store to look under NISSAN for your parts


…you know where almost every Z car (and its condition) in every pick and pull is in your area


…if people start talking about cars when you walk into your local barber shop/autoparts store/church...etc


…your girlfriend doesn’t even ask what car you drove to her house in the summer, she can smell the differences


...you know the whereabouts of all S30 Z's in a three county area and the story behind each one because one day you will own it when the current owner just throws in the towel and buys something else..


...the guys at the local Nissan dealer find old Z car parts that won't be sold to the public in the back of the stockroom and they just give you the parts


...you take delivery of a new base model 350Z (brickyard) and the same night you drive from Nationwide Nissan in Timonium, Md. to Lawrenceville, Ga. to buy a set of mesh wheels for your '86 300ZX hardtop; rationalizing the whole trip as a way to break in the new Z.


...since 1990 you've owned 35+ Z and ZX cars and the family wonders why you're still single at age 32


...if you find a random bolt on your driveway and can tell exactly where on your Z its suppose to go.


...you have three boxes of bolts, nuts, and washer in your garage...all from the Zs that you bought and or parted out to make your one good 240.


...your girlfriend starts to spot Z cars for you on the highway just so she can say it first.


...every time friends see or hear of a Z car for sale they call you because they "thought you might be interested."


...if your wife answers the phone and says, "He has enough already," it's usually one of these calls


...you can estimate the build date of a Z with an accuracy of plus or minus 6 months before it gets within 100 yards of you.


...spotting the word "Turbo" on a low-mile Z at the wrecking yard elicits the same heart-pounding thrill as finding a couple of bags that have fallen out of the back of a Brinks truck.


...you actually ENJOY the smell of gas fumes


...the Franklin Mint collectibles don't seem like quite so much of a rip since they came out with the 240 model.


...when someone says "Z car" you never, ever, think they mean a Z28 Camaro.


...you get physically ill when you see a salt truck.


...you personally know the owner of every Z you see around town.


…your wife complains about all the money you spend on the car


…if your wife comes out to the garage and most of the time she is talking to your feet on the side of the car.


…if you assure all the people you know that it is just a car that you like to have fun with to see just how fast you can make it.


…when everyone you know always asks about your car.


…if every time you call the auto parts store and you have to tell them this is a custom application


…when you get emails from people who have been to your web page.


…when you start wishing your car would get a job so you could have a little money left over for yourself


…if it takes twenty minutes to relax that smile from your face from the ride to your destination


... if you're logged onto the forum at zcar.com when you're supposed to be working!


...you look at the middle of the dash for vital engine information


...someone pops the hood open on their car for you to look at the engine, and you're expecting the hood to pop up from the rear.


...people are impressed by your 160 mph speedo.


...you've ever looked at a Viper, Jaguar XKE, BMW M3 hatchback, etc., and thought " Hmmm, that kinda looks like a Z."


...you drive through the local speed trap 5-10 miles under the limit, 'cause you know they're looking for you, not the grey sedan whizzing past you.


...you've ever been beside a Semi's trailer on the highway, looked through to the other side and thought " I could make that!"


....instead of being greeted with "How are you?" people say "How's the Z?"


....you can turn a 5 minute gas station trip for a coke into 30 minutes of driving.


....have each and every extra dollar already allocated to which part it's paying for.


...you've driven more than 4 hours just to meet somebody else with a Z.


...driven more than 4 hours out of your way just to catch somebody else in a Z.


...stopped to look at cars on a lot and the dealership asks you to leave because people are trying to buy your car.


...you've considered building a shrine to Mr. K, in your living room.


...if you can't stay mad at her


...if driving without a stereo doesn't bother you


...if there's a Corvette at the light and everyone's eyeing your car, especially him


...if everyone's jaw drops when you tell them how much you paid for it


…when there is NO such thing as a "destination" all you want to do is keep driving and driving


…you get pulled by a deputy, for doing 80 in a 55, who asks you "What IS this?"


…you know the name of your local UPS driver, and he asks. "Another part for the Z?"


...your UPS driver curses you for shipping ANOTHER differential that he has to pick up!


…your mechanic refers to you as his "residual income"


…your vacations are always Z car related.


…you spend more on your Z than you do on rent/mortgage


…when you continually get into arguments over whether its a "Zee" or a "Zed"


...you always rationalize your next upgrade with the thought "Gee if I had a car payment then I would be out this much every month"


... people you passed earlier are staring hatefully your way as you meet at the stoplight


...every rattle gives you pause and every noise a search and rescue mission


...people shake their head when they find out how much you spent but you just don't care


...you have browser bookmarks on zcar topics that outnumber all other bookmarks combined


...no matter how perfect your car is and no matter how much you have spent in time, money, aggravation, frustration, and alienation, you still have that next improvement project in mind for your car.


...you wouldn't dream of selling your zcar unless there was another one you wanted more than your "baby"


…when you tell the wife after not driving the Z for two weeks due to vacation. “Honey I'm just going to go out to the garage to make sure it starts". Then don't come back for an hour


…someone tells you “I used to have a car like that once.â€


…every time you get frustrated with the car and think about selling it. You go out to the garage and she's smiling at you, you change your mind and add another $500.00 to your almost maxed out credit card.


…if you can spot a Z in someone's backyard while your just driving by. Usually the car would be under some type of shed or barely visible at all.


…you smile whenever you tell a couple of friends that you can't take them because your car only has two seats.


…your idea of a coffin (when your old and gray) is your pride and joy Zcar


…you are getting very familiar with the way different performance cars look in your rearview


…you can figure out why your car is acting up within minutes, while in the driver seat, as you limp her home


…you get irritated when people get her name wrong


…you have removed creature comforts such as your heater, to outfit the center console for more gauges and switches


…you own more than 2 sets of wheels and tires for her


…all you have to tell people your giving directions to is "just look for all the Z's"


…people in your neighborhood (that don’t know you) refer to you as the Z guy.


…your wife hates riding in the Z so you arrive in separate cars.


...you find you can no longer manage your money


...you have more invested in your Z than in your home


...you find something wrong with it everyday, but love fixing it and seeing those new parts shine


…you have a little sticker on the bottom of your rear view mirror that says "OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE LOSING"

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HAHAHAHA that almost brought me to tears, lol id say a good 95% of evry post above describes me to the T


... your GF/Wife stopps comeing in the gradge because she knows shell get sucked into holding, pumping, turing some part on your Z.

...you get a wiff of anything on the road that could come from a car and asume its always you.

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Phil, so many of those are true...


-When you keep a wheel Chock in your passenger floor board because your S13 Rear brakes dont have the right brackets for the E brake cables,


-When your Ebrake cable are still hooked up to the stock mounting location for safe keeping


-When you can place that rear wheel chock in front of the rear wheel From the drivers seat while still belted in, and behind it when you unbuckle


-When your coworker still asks you if your ebrake works yet, despite not having driven the car to work in months


-When you make fun of your friend's "sports cars" because their driver seat is more than 6 inches in front of the rear tire (Elitist Seating Position FTW)


-When your Rear Package Holders have seen more use than your glove box


-When you See a Very nice Restored First gen Camaro and when they pull up next to your in your Ratty, 3 colored Z with a Hood that has been hit with 10 different colors, Misfiting panels, and Dirty trim, You turn towards them to give a thumbs up and say "Nice car" only to be thrown off by the fact that they are doing the same.


-When you tear the entire car apart for a Turbo swap because you dont want to spend 40 bucks on a fuel pump


-When your friends dad follows you to your friends house (friend does not live with his parents, BTW) Just because he liked your car


_When your backfires are considered Much cooler looking than a car that is known for backfiring (Did a pull against my friends FB Rx7 [The Z with the L24 was faster, i found that funny, and his car is running perfectly] His car popped a tiny fireball out of one of the two tips, Mine Threw two alternating Large flames out of both pipes of my twice pipes. apperently, it was awesome"


-When you smile watching the Guy at the alignment shop try to take off with your Grabby clutch that you are used to (can apply to any car really)


-When Fishing for 3rd gear is your most commonly played sport (any Series 1 4spd Trans people know where im coming from on that one)


-When you are contemplating what to spend your next paycheck on, 2 days after getting paid


-Your Dash has a cap, ALWAYS


-Your 3 inch exhaust blows smoke rings (not kidding, ive had like 3 or 4 perfect rings, the smoke is lightly concerning, but its funny nonetheless)

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You know you own a Datsun when people ask you about it and spell it Dotson, Datsin, Dotsun, Porsche.

You know you own a Datsun when youve spent 12K on parts/tools for you car but your 7,000 miles away.


Been buying parts while im in Japan!trying to find what I can over here, and buying parts back in the states too

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You know you own a Datsun when you search all of the craigslist locales within 1500 miles and spell it Dotson, Datsin, Dotsun, and Porche, just in case the poster of an ad made a mistake.



Never tried this but now I think I will. BACK TO EBAY!!

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You know you own a Datsun when...


You are getting ready to go to the track and you reflect on the fact that the tires, wheels and brakes on the car cost substantially more than the entire car did when it was new.


You're looking the car over after coming in off track, and a guy driving a nicely modded GT3 or Z06 comes over and says "What kind of car is this? It sure does sound good when you pass me!!!"



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You know you own a DATSUN when sportbikes constantly try to race you.


You know you own a DATSUN when the Cop who pulled you over asks you "is this thing street legal?" because of how rusty it is


You know you own a DATSUN when you rewind the movie your watching because you thought you saw a z in the background.


You know you own a DATSUN when people pass your car so there eyes will stop watering.

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When your driving down the road and you see out of the corner of your eye something silver fly by and then hear it hit the ground going "tink, tink, tink" and you wonder if that was the ... quickly pull over ... sure enough, it was a that corner piece of windsheild trim!

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You know you drive a datsun when you stop at a light...engine purring at idle....and folks around you say "I really like your style".


you know you drive a datsun when you intimidate corvettes.


You know you drive a datsun when you call the fuel gauge a liar


You know you drive a datsun when you explain to a sheriff the tail light issue is an electrical infirmity.


You know you drive a datsun when you drive without lights under a moon-lit sky


You know you drive a datsun when something fails and you know exactly what it is.


You know you drive a datsun when you go for an early morning drive....without a prior destination


You know you drive a datsun when you drive through backcountry roads instead of main roads.


You know you drive a datsun when you know exactly what you want to drive and how you want to drive


You know you drive a datsun when you share campfire stories w/ older folks talking about their days of glory


You know you drive a datsun when your rear tires have exceptionally more wear than the front


You know you drive a datsun when you have to continuously repeat the cars year make and model...

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You know you own a Datsun when you spend all day on a forum with strangers half way around the world instead of doing your work.


You know you own a Datsun when strangers complement you on the exhaust note and ask whether it is a V8.


You know you own a Datsun when you are watching Police reality TV, spot a quarter of a hatch sticking out of a swamp and correctly pick it as a 280zx without seeing the rest of the car.

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you know you own a datsun when you drive 3 hours in 105 degree heat with no ac and still love every minute of it.


you know you own a datsun when you use the transmission tunnel to keep warm when your heater isnt working.



try 11 hours and 1000 miles :rolleyes: Billings Montana to Seatte in 1 Solid Day, black car, NO A/C, middle of summer. Good times stopping off at moses lake just to jump in and buy a bag of ice to hang off the mirror -_-

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