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You know you own a Datsun when.........


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You can spot all the Datsun's in Cars 2, and your 5year old girl spots them too! (Thats looks like your "racecar" Daddy!)

I don't have the heart to explain to the 5 and 3 yo that N/A zx motor+stripped interior+5different shades of black spray paint doesn't = racecar:-)


My wife started pointing out Z's to me while we're driving too!


When your 5yo girl and 3yo boy know the "trick" to get the passenger door opened and closed right!

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You know you own a datsun when the rusting keeps you awake at night


You dont have the heart to scrap your parts car that you can see 3 of 4 tires from the drivers seat


Have seriously thought of bolting zinc anodes onto it


Have gone on many a test drive to test your new part with major parts missing(taillights bumpers hood insurance..)


Have to insure it every year even though it looks like garbage with different fenders and primer spread about


Have no exhaustt due to 5 speed install 2 years ago and still drive it because "turbo cars dont need reeaallly need mufflers"


Have been at over 100mph and had your fenders fly up like wings simultaniously because the tiny c clamps holding them on fell off (parts car true story)

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You get really excited and wave when you see a Z on the road but you get a funny look back from the driver of said Z. Only later do you realize that you were acctually driving your daily driver and that your Z is nowhere near road worthy.

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You know you own a Datsun when:



you own 5 cars, one of which you actually paid money for, yet it's the S30 that you'd like to keep.


you spend more time measuring engines in junkyards than pulling parts.


you keep a random assortment of macgyver knick-knacks in your car in case you need to perform road-side repair.


you drive by moonlight alone, not out of choice...


something falls off your car while driving and you just say "hush hush baby, you didn't need that piece anyways, look you're faster now"


you can't find something in your car and assume it must have fell through a rust hole, and that's a valid assumption.

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