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p90a into a 81 L28 turbo block


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Would it be worth it in your opinion I'm not planning to be reving like crazy I just want a daily driver with 250hp nothing too crazy and to be a lil more quieter than my current l28e with a hot cam. So everything is a direct bolt on right?


Search! It has been asked and answered a million times now.

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Nope, this is all entirely impossible. Can't be done. The best thing to do is to just leave it stock...






Okay, now for the real answer.


All L heads will fit ALL L blocks (providing they're I4 head and block or I6 head and block). The setup might not be "ideal" but they all bolt up just fine.


So yes, the P90A head will fit just fine and operate same as any other P90 head. The hydraulic lifters can definitely go beyond 5500rpm and should NOT be producing less power than the solid lifter heads. Problems arise when lifters go bad and start sucking power from your motor. Replacement lifters ARE difficult to find, but I've seen multiple motors with original hydraulic lifters running just fine to this day.


Use whatever you can find or have. Fallow the path of least resistance. I know for me, lifter noise is the least of my concerns with my motor, but if I had super quiet exhaust and such maybe that'd be on the table for consideration.

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Just a daily driver with an easy, low-revving 250 hp, but no ticking noises from the rocker cover. I would like that also, I'd even accept some ticking.


Edit - isn't the P90A a factory stock head for the turbo engine? Not only a direct bolt-on, but a factory issued configuration.

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