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I wouldnt bother scraping that... The whole floor needs to be cut out anyway. I am just wrapping up patching up my floors (which were not NEARLY that bad) and I regret doing it. It would have not been too much more work to replace the entire floor board, with better results. Cut em out and put new ones it. I also recall your rockers were pretty rusted, take a GOOD look at them, realize they are essentially the frame rails of the chassis. 

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Yeah i been spending my free time looking at the floors and how I will attack them and were to buy them. Thinking about going with the zedd findings ones with the rails. I pretty much have left is the floors, battery tray, and the front lower rockers. Then I can start doing por15/body sealer/primer/paint. Need to save some money for the floors next. In the mean time I will update when i do the tray and lower rockers.

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If you're going to put in new pans, you're going to have to remove the tar around the areas you want to weld to. That stuff is nasty when it melts/catches fire, and will do nothing but destroy your welds. Do yourself a favor and search around for dry ice techniques...I had a post on how I did mine about a year ago. It really beats trying to heat it up w/a heat gun or torch to scrape it off and getting all kinds of lovely melted tar burns on yourself. And it only takes a couple hours once you've got everything prepped and the dry ice.


Plus, you get the benefit of getting to impress your neighbors and show off neat tricks w/the dry ice while you're waiting for the insulation to freeze off :)

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It's has been a long winter and it's time to update this thing since it's been a long time. Bottom line is that I finally patched up all the rust in this rust bucket. It was very very teadious, very time consuming and basically a royal pain, but it was all worth it! I finally got to stage were I have to prime and sand and primes and sand and prime and sand! Very fun as you can imagine. Then it was time to paint, I was going to do white or black or red but it seems everyone is doing that so I went with Porsche mint green. It's not perfect because this is only the second full paint job a ever done. It looks better then when I got the car. post-31657-0-35539200-1399227007_thumb.jpgpost-31657-0-79545700-1399227044_thumb.jpg

Now it time to put her all back together and put some undercoat under the car I was thinking por 15? Then figure out what I'm going to use for cabin insulations maybe dynomat? I pick up some miata seat from the local pick and pull. The oem seats are in good condition but they don't hold you in enough. I'll post more pics as I get more time to work on her.

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Ok sorry about that well here are some updated pics and idk why they keep coming out sideways


I got her on jack stands to do undercoating and s13 coilovers before the winter time.


Removed the 4 halfshaft bolts the 3 upper strut bolts and she hanging low enough for me to cut off the tube


Pressed, welded, and crappy painted the rear lower perch.


She's all in there now.


I got the wheel mocked up I DEFINITLY will go with flares in the next few months when spring comes around


Is there anyway this can be moved to a build thread section? Lol

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Looks good! And I like the color choice! Its nice to see something different from the white/red/black. Im gonna be doing thw same work you did here soon just not nearly as intensive repairs but repairs nonetheless. Any recommendations on a welder? What model did you use?

Thank you! I really did want to choose a color that stuck out. I still have a long way to go with it with the brakes and suspension bushings. I'm actually in the process of buying a RB25DET to swap in. The welder I bought http://www.eastwood.com/mig-welder-110vac-135a-output.html?reltype=3 with 75/25 argon co2 mix with .23 wire. I debated between this and the Hobart 140 i think but the eastwood 135 had better reviews so I chose that. I used the snot out of it and been dragging it around my yard and driveway and to friends houses for multiple task, I even store it out in my shed and it keeps going! I'm going to fire it up this summer 2015 for my fuel tank sump and finish the suspension up! Can't wait. More updates to come soon.

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