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280z hatch outer seal

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Can someone post a pic or describe to me the placement of the seal with regard to the hatch lip? I found a pic online so I can figure how to install the side pieces, but the top is a little confusing. I know which side of the seal is the top, but it looks like it just wants to sit inside of the hatch lip, rather than ON it like the side strips.


My car didn't have these pieces when I bought it. Although to be honest it's possible I would've pulled it off without taking pictures before starting my resto.

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google image search


     I tried that. Didn't have much luck. I found a few pictures, but not what I was looking for. I know what it should look like when the glue is dry, but I have no way of knowing (based on the pictures I've seen) if the seal is glued via the flat surface, is glued to the lip, or both. My seal came from Black Dragon, and it seems a little odd. If you lay it down on the body, it won't wrap around the metal lip. If you wrap it around the lip, the flat surface won't lay against the body. It looks like if I glue the flat surface to the body I'll be okay. But I'm trying to do it right, and know it's right before I start.



The drawings in the Body Chapter of the FSM are probably better than any picture you'll see.


     Thanks. I'll check that out. Perhaps it'll help me out with a few other seals I have questions on.

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