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Datsun 260Z Turbo S15 6 Speed TechnoToyTuning

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Here you go.


Max hp 224 at 4800rpm, max tq 254 at 4400. Max boost at 3800 rpm 18 lbs but would fall quickly to 11 lbs boost by 5500 rpm.


Typical stock turbo issue of internal waste gate spring not holding above 11 lbs. Dad had car at shop during dyno pulls as I was called into work. Had 28 pulls getting tuning for driveability and power. Set with conservative tune.


We pulled 280hp, and 310tq last year. But we blew that up before Z nationals.


I will be changing the turbo soon as well as the exhaust.


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Here are the 29 pulls we did on the dyno. If you are going to look at them, I would open the last 3 or 4.


The tuning session started with a rough running issues. Started with power supply issues to the TPS. Then we blew the coupler off the intercooler. The first 14-15 pulls where those issues.


Got the car pretty dialed in. Still not happy with the drive ability. Need to work on deceleration, having a lot of rumble and poping. Not real smooth on take off either.


If you have time take a look and see what you think. Will not hurt my feelings to tell me whats wrong.



Data Log Zip File.zip

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Have made a few trips to Orlando since. Driven 260 and helped work on the drive ability. Got the steady rpm cruising smoother just some messaging of the afr. Helped with the tip in as well and the off throttle deceleration. On decel it was loading up rich and getting a lot of back fire blurble. Leaning out the low rpm afr with  0 to 10% throttle helped that.


now the oil supply to turbo is puking and it will not hold boost steady.


Well time for a change there. Tooquick is looking a new Garrett 

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Onto next mods.


We are unhappy with the fuel system;tank, lines, pump


Currently using the stock metal lines for supply and return. Msd2225 fuel pump. We are having fuel starvation on low fuel level and vacuum issues from poor venting.


New plan is to remove fuel tank, remove spare tie wheel well and mount a fuel cell. Run -8 AN lines and fittings. Canister fuel filter. New fuel rail and fuel regulator. Run -8 fuel lines for supply and return.


Just to add more work we are removing the 38mm tial blow off and adding a turbo smart blow off valve. Adding a hybrid t3/t4 turbo. Updating the exhaust, moving the oil cooler from between the radiator and inter cooler.


Process and pictures are coming.

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So we finished the turbo install, new blow off valve, new fuel system(fuel cell, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel rail, fuel regulator) new intake(cold air in front of the radiator), new Odyssey pc860 battery relocated in storage bin behind passenger seat and replaced the 96 pass oil cooler with a 10 pass smaller one. Yahoo!


We flushed the fuel system to get the possible junk out of the lines and proceeded to check pressure of the fuel system. Dang plug in the fuel regulator leaked. So had to find one -6 fitting. Found one at Pep Boys believe it or not.


So time permitting fire her up this week, I want to rally cross race it Saturday in Macon Ga.


Hoping for 300+ hp and better driverability.

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Found a plug at Pep Boys.


Got that plugged up then had oil leak. The an -4 90 onto the turbo was leaking at the hose. Went to tighten and snapped it off.


Back to Pep Boys. They had 2, can you believe that.


Back on and runs , no leaks. Need to put some miles on it before taking it to the track. Still need to finish the trunk area where we hung the fuel cell.


I think tooquick is going to take the 88 Volvo rally cross in the dirt Saturday in Macon Ga. We swapped the cam out rigged up a cold air intake with a new alternator. Hillarious watching the car drifting.


Stay tuned.

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