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Just one classic or two????


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Hey guys I been looking for a z car and was going to do a rb25 swap to it but I had hit a idea and maybe you can help me with making a choice. I was thinking of instead of doing that I still buy a z car and buy any model 1st gen celica but perferably the 76-77 celica liftback and have both and keep them mostly stock maybe drop them and wheels and lil things here and there, performance, exterior and interior but of coarse this might take longer is two car but I dont plan to do them to crazy just clean.I will drive them both. Just 6 months one and 6 months the other. So what am asking is should I go all out with the z car or just get two classic and enjoy them for what they are?

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I had a FFR cobra and my Hybridz at the same time.  The thing that happens is you become torn on which one to spend money on.  I sold the cobra and picked up the an original Scarab.  Then my dilema became worse, then the kids came, now many years later (8) I'm still building my Z.  Ground up restomod $$$ never again.

For a "fun" car I picked up a TT Z32, love it, and needs nothing, but a new home now.

Cant find a pic of the FFR, SRT8 in the back ground of the Scarab, another nice car...gone now too. :(





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Stick within the same manufacturer whenever possible if you plan on fiddling.


Trash a rod in your L6? Still can use the other 5 for building an L4!


Hard to do that swapping brands... You can do it, but it usually involves a lot more work!

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