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Anybody have an affordable yet good quality radiator they are running on an SR in their z?

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I purchased a new generic Chevy aluminum radiator from JEGS for around $180.  It should just fit inside the frame rails if you get the right one sized out with a basic measurement.  I also bought the Jags That Run mount kit but you could easily fab something up yourself.  I think I may have had to adapt the lower radiator hose size too.  I also found a Lincoln Mk8 or Thunderbird electric fan and it fits almost perfect against the radiator and also comes built into a fan shroud.  It must be the biggest factory electric fan ever near 18" diameter.  I only ever run it on low speed through a relay and that's all I've ever needed in my ZX.  Maybe the ducting is different for a Z body though now that I think about it.  Now that could also affect the radiator and fan selection too.  Oh well, my bad.  Well it worked well for me at least.  That fan is a bit deep so it may still work.  I had to trim the shroud just a little to fit even more snug against the radiator.  All told it should be near what you were aiming price wise.

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Once again, the Camaro radiator with the Taurus fan works wonders.  I did have to replace my Taurus fan after 10 years, but it was cheap.  My SR20DET never overheats.  I used to have a huge aluminum and a black magic 2800cfm fan for my 355 sbc Z.  My radiator never had an issue but all aluminum radiators are not made to hold up to daily street driving and crack easily.  My camaro radiator does the job perfectly.  

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