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New S30 Shock and Spring Option

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Sorry for the late update. I was able to get a hold of John and he was able to sort everything out. The part numbers on the Stagg and brandcarparts sites were indeed mixed up but he was able to have it fixed the following day. Over all the ride is firm but not bouncy and the springs and shocks feel like they are well matched. This setup made a big difference at last weekend’s autocross and over all its working out nicely.


For reference here are the correct applications.  


#552204 fronts for 240-280z and come with both gland nuts.

#552205 240Z rears

#552206 260-280Z rears


Springs also available separately now on the site too.



The car is not very presentable since it’s a Lemons/Chump build but here is a quick picture.



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I say it dropped just over an inch. I didn’t really pay much attention to how much since I was more interested in the spring rates. I can take some measurements from the fender to the center of the wheels if that helps. Just note that the car is gutted, with a race seat, and a cage but still all the A/C components.


Here is a picture from last month’s autocross before I did the suspension. Wheel gap is pretty big.









This is right after in installed the springs and lowered it back on the ground. It has settled some since



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Thanks for the pictures, those are good enough.  There are still well-established name brand springs being sold out there that don't do what they're advertised to do, or give odd results, like the Eibach progressive rate springs.  People are still buying those, installing them, then asking why the front is higher than the back.  Always good to confirm that products do what the manufacturer thinks they're going to do, in my opinion anyway.  Mistakes get made.

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+1 NewZed, that's basically what happened to me. Not thrilled about the saggy-looking rear on my new Eibach set up. PseudoSport's car looks a lot more even front/rear.



Here are the spring rates:

The 240z rates are 152 fronts and 170 rears


Assuming these are given in lb/in, then the front rate is 54% higher than stock (83 lb/in) and the rear rate is 60% higher than stock (103 lb/in) which is reasonable for a street car, and sounds like the rates were developed for the Zcar as opposed to being designed for some other vehicle and just happen to fit the S30. Also remember the "drop" amount varies based on aftermarket shock gas pressure which adds to the spring rate, etc etc.


edit: John C or anyone, any idea if these springs have limited availability? I'll ask brandcarparts what their stock looks like but from some posts on this thread it doesn't sound like they're all that responsive.

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I'm looking for a set of springs for my 72 240z to match with some Tokico Illuminas I have (not yet on the car). I currently have MSA "blue" lowering springs and KYB struts. An ok setup but sits a bit higher in the front than I want and a bit of squat when I get on it. I wanted to get the Tokico springs as they seem to pair up fairly well based on a friend's setup but I'm being told they won't be made anymore. How will these springs do with the Illuminas? And will the drop be about the same as the MSAs? 

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I don’t have any new pictures since the car is kind of an eye sore but our team quad drove it for one autocross then dual drove it for 3 others. Over all we only put maybe a 1000 miles on it but so far so good. We plan to race Chump Car with it this coming Aug so hopefully I will have some more feedback after.

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Just an update.


I purchased these about 4 months ago and so far I love them. Huge difference from my old stock shocks. The springs are nice as well, I don't get much squat when I launch at the drags or do a 3rd gear pull getting on the freeway.


I got the 240z ST sways as well, and I've eliminated A LOT of my body roll, it feels flat and smooth now during corners.


For how cheap this set was, I'd recommend it. 

Also, I'm running BF Goodrich Comp-2's 225/50r16 all 4 corners on XXR 522 16x8 0 offset.


I've yet to get to the AutoX events here yet to fully test them out, but I have been able to play in some empty parking lots and the handling feels like a whole other car.


Also, for everyday driving (this is my Daily) it's actually very nice over bumps and just cruising. I took it from Vegas to California and back. It was a comfortable ride. The drop is nice as well(roughly 2 finger gap with 24.9dia tires, I'll see if I can get some photos later.

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I didn't have any spacers in mine as far as I saw.

I just cleaned the tube and put some light weight cheap autozone oil in it. The install was one of the easiest mods I've done for how big the effects were.

I will warn you, be careful with that nut on the top of the strut. It is a D shape to fit in the strut mount and I had my slot strip on me(this was a pain in the ass to fix because the nut was on and it spun freely).


Here is a photo of the drop after 4 months of daily driving and a little bit of fun.

Tire diameter is 24.9 stock is 24.7 so it shouldn't be too different.


Before (stock)









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