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The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

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My Z is my midlife crisis car! It used to be my young and rebellious car. Someday it will be my old-timey car.

Lol you guys get butt hurt over the most trivial things. Armchair coaches have always been funny to watch and listen to.

Hopefully sooner rather than later. Planning on learning to run the waterjet this week so I can cut at night, since getting the current operator to cut stuff for me is like pulling hairs. Hopefully ca

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Well my welder is still getting overworked. Been working 14hr+ days since Monday...hard to convince him to do any welding when he gets home. Powder coating place said a lead time of 2-3 days. Sorry for the hold up guys, so close and getting held up by an hours worth of welding.



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Well my welder worked 101 hours last week...so needless to say he didn't get a chance to weld up any of my stuff. I talked to him today and he should be able to weld everything up tomorrow afternoon. He had some family stuff he had to do today. So hopefully he can get them welded up tomorrow. Once again I apoligze for the hold up here at the end, I want this stuff done as bad as y'all do I promise lol.


As far as the cobra calipers/rotors go, does anyone have dimensions on the rotor/caliper for the cobra stuff? Can you get the cobra stuff at Autozone(Or other parts stores)? They say they have a "cobra" one, but is it really a cobra one? It looks the same as the non-cobras. If I can get one from a parts store to measure I might be able to make something happen. Or if someone wants to send me a caliper/bracket that would work too.



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Well I was finally able to get my welder to finish everything up. I am going to run taps through all the holes to ensure all the holes are good after welding. I also have to clean up the mustache bars, the aluminum sheet had sat on a shelf for a while, so its a bit dirty. The burrs you see on the aluminum spacers will also be cleaned up. As soon as I start to get payments I will order all the bolts for the swap, you shouldn't need anything else to bolt this together other than the parts listed. Its pretty late now but I plan on getting everything ready to go to the powder coater tomorrow morning. Their lead time is 2-3 days and they only operate Monday-Thursday(They have it figured out). So It will probably be Monday or Tuesday before I get parts back. Then I will package everything up and ship them out. At this time I would like everyone to send payments in full for everything other than shipping, as stated before you will pay true shipping costs plus a small fee for packaging materials. I will be PM'ing those getting one of these first 5 swaps the actual amount you need to Paypal me. Now enough talk. Some of them are repeats, but this is everything other than bolts. I will be making "instructions" showing which bolts go where and what each piece is that I will be emailing out.


Thanks for being so patient guys, I know this has been a long drawn out process, but I think everyone will be satisfied with the results. I hope it goes without saying that if you have any problems with fitment or quality when you get the parts to let me know ASAP. I want to ensure everyone is satisfied and the parts fit as they should.


I will post pictures of the parts powder coated once I get them back and will post pictures of packaged boxes as well.
























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Dropped the parts off at the powder coater today. He said they should be done on Tuesday of next week. If I can get them Tuesday I am going to try and have them packed up and ship either Tuesday or Wednesday morning that way I don't have to wait til after thanksgiving. I will be sending PM's out to those getting one of these sets sometime today, got tired last night lol.



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