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Clean P79 Exhaust Manifold


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I am in need of a clean 280zx exhaust manifold for the P79 head. A stud broke and I have clamped down that side just to be able to drive it short distances but it may have a small leak causing excessive noise that makes it hard to listen for any unwanted sounds during my engine break-in period. Needs to be leak free and broken stud free. I am open to headers if you can cut a good deal on them as long as they relatively new, come with adapter, and are from MSA's newer batches of headers, since I know a few Z guys in my area who bought them when they first came out and found them to be less than satisfactory (apparently MSA did some work and updated their product). I will pay shipping as well on any purchases.

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Actually, you want to match the form of the exhaust manifold that you have.  There are 280Z and 280ZX designs.  The exhaust manifolds used on the stock P79 head engines (280ZX) are shorter than the 280Z manifolds (N42 and N47).  If you get the wrong manifold it might fit the engine but you'll have to modify the transition to the exhaust piping.


There should be a letter/number code on the manifold itself.



Edit - actually you did ask for a ZX manifold so maybe you're already on it.  Good luck.

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