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I was looking for weatherstripping for the doors, door seals etc.  I have been following this thread forever.


I finally bought "New Door seal weatehrstrip (LH+RH) for 1970-1978 Datsun 240z 260z 280z" from Ebay user "boldbluesky"

$100 shipped


Recieved item.  It came in two seperate bags, 1 for each side, labeled.


I installed drivers side.  Door seal is about 1ft too long and will need to be trimmed at the base where the scuff plate etc installs. Aside from that, no issues.  It gripped the seam tightly, formed all radiuses, and tucked up in the corner without issues.  I did not use any type of adhesive as I was just test fitting, but it hasn't sagged or anything.  Very pliable.


My car is not stock or restored so I cannot vouch for doors with perfect hinges, but i had no issues with the door not closing flush like others have posted with other seals. I had to slam it to latch but that is because I was pulling from the door frame itself, i have no handles etc installed. Just to clear up, it had to slam due to my door, not the weatherstripping.


I could see no light coming through around frame so i assume it made a nice seal.


I will post pictures when I get home.


Hope this helps.


*Disclaimer* He did not ask me to post this, I am just posting because I kept reading about issues with door seals and which to get.  I have ordered other seals from him, rear window, 1/4 windows, and maybe another one but felt I needed to post about these because of the issues users had with door seals.



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did anybody try this ? Looks surprisingly like the original 240z weatherstripping. Does anybody have the original dimensions?



Dimensions here are metric, its 6,50€ per meter but i assume if you buy a bunch it gets less.

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