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Modified STI swap or r180 w/ quaife with CV axles

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Here are some pics. I'm no diff expert either but those do seem like clutch plates stacked up if you look at the closeup in the first pic. 


Also I apologize I misspoke about the direction the stub shafts spin. They don't spin in opposite directions, I just meant I was rotating them in opposite directions to feel how much play was present before the clutch engaged and stopped me, but they both rotate in the same direction. 


I've been thinking about the dog tracking video since this afternoon and decided to double check the printout from my last alignment. My current measurements in the rear are 0.11 degrees of positive toe (toe in) on each side (22 degrees total toe in) and a thrust angle of zero. I was under the impression a small amount of toe in is good for stability but I didn't consider that maybe improper toe could be the culprit. Does anything about the above measurement seem like it could cause the rear of the car to walk out suddenly under hard acceleration? If so, I'd love any guidance and I'll button this thing up, go get the toe adjusted and report back. Seems like a good idea to rule that out totally before installing the OSG unit. Especially since once it's installed I can't send it back!










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