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Broken stud on 1970 240z seat frame help!!


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This is a legit question. I understand-its a bitch when these break or get stripped. The head of the stud is very flat to allow the slider to glide past it. You will need to get a bolt of the proper thread pitch from the hardware store, grind the head down fairly flat, then as johnc said, have it spot welded into place. Then, drill the hole in the floor gusset a little over-sized because you will never get that bolt to line up perfectly. Z seats and sliders are a pain.

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Mr. RebekahsZ...thank you very much....now the other members will know who knows the '70 and '71 Z in detail. For those who may have felt left out, sorry but sending a picture and going into more detail would had opened up lots of speculation and what if's.......thx again RebekahsZ

Well in that case I'm happy to have not helped.  You're welcome.

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