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Finned Aluminum Nissan R200 extra capacity diff cover

Rob L

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The center fins tend to get broken when a floor jack is used that has raised edges. The raised edges place presure on the center fins and brake them off when the jack is not positioned properly. Make sure you have a good view of the two bottom center fins. I got a buddy deal about 7 yr. ago for $200.

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I paid $450 for a purse for my wife this Christmas. Some guy (I'm sure he's a lovely man and a wonderful human being) named Michael Kors. Seemed like as much waste of money as a finned diff cover. Difference is, the purse got me .....

I will admit that I LOVE polished, finned aluminum. Just not enough to modify my suspension-again. On the up-side. If you pay $900 (crazy) for a CLSD, you have a finned diff cover that you can sell quickly for $300, reducing your CLSD cost to $600 (still crazy, but tolerable). The high cost of the cover represents a win-win situation.

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