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CONFIRMED L28 with RB25 Flywheel and 350Z Clutch


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UPDATE 08/01/2018


I have been through a few different machine shops trying to get these things made again, I have been out of them for a few months as my old machine shop went out of business. Currently in development with a new one, hoping to have something maybe by the end of the month.


I do have some further research. It appears as stated above that the RB flywheel/350z clutch clears the T5 transmission without having to clearance the inside of the bellhousing.


As far as non T5 transmissions go, I have found a solution. The RB26 is a 250mm surface area, and holds just as much power as the 350z clutch, and DOES NOT require bell housing clearancing to fit. I have verified this on my personal Z car.

Another minor issue I have come across, I was told by a reputable source that the RB flywheel has an additional 1mm offset towards the front of the transmission compared to the L flywheel. I have not been able to verify this with any precise measuring equipment, HOWEVER, the gear mesh pattern on the ring gear shows the starter to be running about 1mm too shallow, which could possibly contribute to pre-mature ring gear wear.


I just recently finished my engine build, and took the engine/transmission shield and lapped off the area where the starter mounts. It is approximately 1mm thick.


I would advise any future purchasers of the spacer make this same modification to allow for better starter ring gear engagement.


Anyways, here are some pics. I came across a chrome-moly 10lb RB flywheel, and coupled it with a Stage 4 Clutch for grins. We'll see how it does when trying to hold together E85 and big turbo :P

Photos generously provided by Godzilla Raceworks




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Bad ass! This is exactly what I need. i almost bought a fidanza wheel for my L28ET swap im doing. I would love to run this. Do you need a shop to manufacture the spacer? My dad ows a machine shop here in california.... 

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