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  1. Actually, I believe I did mention that I bought the kit from techno versions. It is a modified 1108 that I cut down a bit further to eliminate the angle adjustment needed for V8 conversions.
  2. No need for me as I have the Silvermine kit. I was just trying to get an idea of whether your route was feasible for the average DIY’er! Great news that your system works!
  3. Based on the average guys access to the same tools and skills, would you say your method is reproducible for the same cost to most people? Or is your situation unique?
  4. My car will be a road car/show car. The Silvermine kit is still available although they sometimes are out of stock. I will post more about mine once the car is finished.
  5. No core charge, no recycled parts. All in one bolt in solution. Models for 240 and 280Z’s
  6. Silvermine Motors sells the one I have. Edan is the owner and a great guy to deal with. https://www.silverminemotors.com/featured/electric-power-steering-kit-for-240z-260z-280z-datsun-1970-1978-s30 I have a thread on classiczcars.com with the steering system build in progress.
  7. Good luck! Took almost two years for me to find one in Canada... there are companies that make aluminum replacements but I can’t remember the names. Florida I think.
  8. It’s easier to find a unicorn than those door panels...
  9. Yes, I do. But my car will be in the resto phase quite a bit longer before I can test it. All reports I have heard indicate the speedo sensor force adjustment work perfect. Nearly zero assist at highway speed and full assist at stop.
  10. Cool! Another Canuck vendor/restorer!
  11. In the meantime, you can rebuild the original stock half-shafts. They really aren't that bad...! S30 Half-Shaft Rebuild
  12. Pros and Cons to both... 280Z Pros: Newer style chassis with more available parts. Roof replacement is relatively straightforward if you can find a good donor. You can drive the 280 now and it has all the original parts including harness etc. You have a more modern FI system with a better electric pump etc 280Z Cons: You have ugly 5mph bumpers that will need to be replaced! You have to deal with a roof replacement 260Z Pros: More classic look to the interior and bumpers. Rarer car (if that's what you desire) Can be made to look like a 240 a lot easier 260Z Cons: It has someone else's V8 swap... who knows how well it was done or how bad the frame has been affected Wiring harness has been cut up Water damage. more rust, more work Very hard to find some unique 260Z parts Is the least desirable S30 chassis for most people (next to the 2+2 of either!) My two cents is go for the 280 and restore it the way you want. Drive it for a while for fun and enjoy those memories while it is in the shop for the next year! or three....
  13. I used CX Racing coil overs and did the shock tower mod to accommodate the camber adjustment.
  14. Just click on the "Following" button in the thread!
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