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Turbo 5.3 Dyno

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Cruised the car an hour the a dyno day a few weeks back.  Long story short, I ended up getting peer pressured into putting it on the rollers.


Mustang (heartbreaker) Dyno,

SBE 2005 Iron block, China head studs, LS9 Gaskets, Tick Turbo Cam, BTR springs, LS1 intake

T56, 8.8IRS

E70 Pump, 20# Boost.


Oh, and 24mpg on the highway!


Anyway, here she is!




(704 HP / 697 Torque  for you out there not reading this on a big screen lol)

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I'll dig up some pics later.  


Turbo is a Turbonetics 7875 ball bearing with a .96 AR. housing (78mm compressor 75mm turbine)

Hot side is 2.25" stepped to 2.5" at the merge.

Exhaust is full length, 3.5" downpipe split to dual 3" before the rear axle, through Magnaflow Bullet mufflers.


Sadly I don't have video, though I know there's probably 20 people who had their phones out lol.

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Whats heads you running? hoping for the same numbers from a stock truck motor with a cam, springs, and BW s480. I have the 892 heads.


Untouched 706's. 


Maybe you will have to bring it out to the next MAP proving grounds event in September if you are moving to the citys. I am hoping to have mine making passes by this event. 


We'll see - it looks like a cool event.  I'm getting married the following weekend however, so it'll probably be my weekend to work.  I'll just have to see when it gets closer

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Took the car to the track for the first time since...... shit, since drag week 2014 -_- ...


Pulled my trailer and gear over an hour there, and made three passes. Two of which are personal bests for the car!


Launched out of boost, and ran out of gear a good 75' before the traps. I'm just happy I still remembered how LOL











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Entered the stick class at the local no prep last night and made some good rips.


Here's the fast pass of the night.  




I ran a 6.47, 6.30, 6.35, 6.36, and spun hard to a 6.60 and lost the final to a good friend who killed it in his 5.0 coyote YSI Mercury Capri at a 6.20@115.


And a picture of me on the 2 step. She is VIOLENT.








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