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After looking around for a few days, I have found several threads from years ago about RB25 prices, as well as the recent 240z with an RB25 in it.


I was just wondering if you all could chime in and give me some assistance on what I should expect to sell an RB25DET for.  I purchased a 1977 280z with the RB25DET swap started, however, I've always been a sucker for the V8 Z.  So here is a list of what I have.


1993 RB25DET

5 speed manual Trans

intercooler/piping and connectors



Mckinney Mounts

GREDDY knockoff intake

Q45 throttle body

Stock 280z radiator


I have also checked online, Ebay and a few other sites.  The prices seem to be quite fair, however, most of the people selling them are JDM dealers that import them, so is it fair to expect to sell one private party for anything near to that?


Lastly, I am not trying to make a killing here.  I am looking for someone who loves Z's as I do and has been looking for just this engine!  Which is why I finally decided to ask here.  So, what do you all think is a mutually beneficial price, where each side is getting a good deal. (Assuming that is possible)  Perhaps a low, medium and high price would be helpful.


Thank you to all of you who still post on here to help the next generation of Z fans out.










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Looks to be a complete swap with the rear sump oil pan and associated mounts. Do you know that it runs and have compression numbers? If so I wouldn't feel bad asking for more then the importers charge especially with all the swap specific parts included. 


Looks like they are selling for 1.5-2k here, I wouldn't feel bad asking for 3k or so and settling for 2.5k. It would help to see what you were expecting to see if that is in the ball park. Also depends on how close to importers you are, there are 3 or 4 engine importers so certain engine prices stay low in my state, could be a different story if they are few and far between where you live.

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Thank you for your feedback.  When I bought it, it was installed in the car, just needing minor things and to finish hooking up the wiring (which I forgot to mention I also have)  The guy I bought it from runs a reputable mechanic shop, owned by an independant car dealer here in town.  He did the compression test on the engine when he purchased it, but I did not get the numbers.


I don't know of any importers in Michigan, only Indiana and Ohio, which are a good 2.5-3 hours from me.


I listed it on my local Craigslist, and just sort of tested the waters.  I ended up telling a couple guys $3,250 for all of it, OBO figuring if I got at least $2,500 I'd be happy.


I finally figured this would be a great place for input, because I don't think the average person knows what these engines are worth.

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I would say that is a pretty good deal, although with engines there is always an unknown. Never know what it is like on the inside, and without a way to reassure someone you just have to wait for someone who is willing to take the risk, or planning on rebuilding it anyway.


List all the parts included like the harness and I would guess the drive shaft, life of the clutch, compression numbers if you can get them (not too hard to rent a compression gauge and reattach the trans with the starter and crank it over on the floor), and take some good pictures with the parts cleaned up and I think you shouldn't have too much trouble.

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Thank you all for your help, I do recall seeing your thread now that you post it Joe. Mxs and seattlejester thank you as well.  I just figured out I searched price check for the RB25 and not the for sale section.  Newbie mistake.  I'm actually impressed to see such a fine Z car in Michigan, although I was kind of hoping I had the only RB25 for sale within a few hundred miles to help my sale price.  :D


Thank you again for all you guys do for everyone on here.  

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