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Heavy Duty 29 spline output shafts

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Having read and re-read so many threads and postings about the differentials, I am somewhat dazed, so please forgive me.


I want to get 29 spline heavy duty output shafts for my R200 diff. I realize they are not all the same, so how do I know which output shafts from other newer r200's will fit? I have a 77 with a long nose open diff now, I doubt the original diff for the car.


I see other output shafts with 27 and 39 splines, but they obviously won't fit. I


s there some one that makes them? Could we get a group buy if enough people were interested?


I am running 400 hp with 475 torque. I am putting in the helical LSD I got from a member here and am getting the cv shafts. 



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You are getting confused.


The 27 spline and 39 spline are in reference to stub axles. These are the splined stubby axles that are attached to your strut assembly. 


The 29 spline output shafts are for the differential.


Why are you looking for HD differential output shafts for the diff? That is one of the stronger parts of the equation. DSS does make some conversion output shafts for the diff, but not sure if there is much claim to their statement of stronger as I have not read as much regarding failure at the differential output.

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The shafts fit the differential so spline count is whatever it is.  You can't choose.  You might be confusing hub shafts with differential shafts. 


Hub axles - http://www.modern-motorsports.com/stub-axles.html  See the threaded end for the retaining nut?


A long-nose open diff is the stock diff for a 1977.  Probably original.  The diff that you're buying should be designed for Nissan's spines so the stock 300ZX CV joints, with splned axle attached, should work in the diff.  Then you want the shortened axles to put those ends on - http://www.modern-motorsports.com/z31-half-shafts.html


You can also take the stub axles from your open diff and use them in the helical, with the u-joint half-shafts.  You might do the job piece-meal to be sure the diff is right before you spend on the CV conversion.  The u-joint halfshafts should work perfectly until you get the CV shaft parts.


You will need either the 27 OR 39 spline hub axles to use the CV shafts though.  Because the bolt pattern of the flange needs to fit the CV flange.  That's why it would be simpler to just install the helical and use your current u-joint halfshafts first.  Then focus on the CV shafts with adapters for the wheel side.


The only aftermarket stub axles created for diffs are the Subaru axles to allow the u-joint halfshafts with the Subaru diff.  The factory diff axles have been strong enough.  http://www.wolfcreekracing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=22&Itemid=31  


I probably just added more RPM to your spin, but good luck.

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Engine -> Transmission -> Driveshaft -> Diff -> output shaft -> CVjoint or U-joint -> Axle -> CV joint or U-joint -> companion flange -> Stub Axle -> Wheel


That's where the power starts and ends. If you're getting CV joint shafts, you'll have to get new companion flanges for sure. As you are making a good amount of torque, you're probably asking for new stub axles.

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