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  1. Is this still available?
  2. Interested in the dash and the wiring harness if you still have anything...
  3. I applaud your effort and as every photographer knows, lighting is everything. I wonder if that flex seal liquid would flow over, just a a cover, to smooth it out....
  4. While I appreciate you gave input, I don't " need to stay with your goal of building a GT car or a race car. " That is not *my* goal. My goal is to have a car with an awesome look and the power behind it. I want my lady to be happy to ride in the car with me because it is comfortable and looks nice. I don't want a strictly street beast. ...
  5. I am wondering if there is any interest in a threshold plate that says Ferrari, Stainless steel. These would be the ones that Skillard.com makes right now for the Datsun. I emailed him and is open to the idea if we have enough interest.... anyone besides me?? I ask that you please comment here and he can see there is an interest since he is on this board. Thank you!
  6. This makes SOOOO much more sense now. Thank you all !!!!!
  7. Having read and re-read so many threads and postings about the differentials, I am somewhat dazed, so please forgive me. I want to get 29 spline heavy duty output shafts for my R200 diff. I realize they are not all the same, so how do I know which output shafts from other newer r200's will fit? I have a 77 with a long nose open diff now, I doubt the original diff for the car. I see other output shafts with 27 and 39 splines, but they obviously won't fit. I s there some one that makes them? Could we get a group buy if enough people were interested? I am running 400 hp wi
  8. SpeedRacer, that is an awesome idea!
  9. I think it is 12 gauge. It is almost 0.3 cm thick
  10. It was a little bit difficult finding these mounts, so when I got them, I measured them. It would be so much cheaper to make them, but since I didn't have the measurements ..... Attached, please find the drawing and measurements. I hope it is clear enough, been almost 30 years since I did drafting, lol.
  11. 16 downloads

    Mounts to place sway bar into a 77 280z
  12. You guys really know your stuff, thank you so much! !!
  13. I have these rims on my car and I am trying to ID them. No, that is not me, but those look just like my rims. I am trying to get center caps and tri-bars as well. http://forums.hybridz.org/uploads/502/Copy_of_73-240Z_with_Cary_Hardesty_02b.JPG
  14. I am looking for a pair of rear sway bar mounts for my 77 280z. The ZCARSource is out of them and is not getting any more. I did not see them in Black Dragon, TheZstore, etc....
  15. Did you replace the wires one at a time? I mean as you removed one wire, you replaced it, OR did you take off all the wires and then replaced them. It may sound strange to some, but NewZed is right. I always replaced wires one at a time so I did not change a firing order that worked. Other than that, is the new rotor bad or does the new cap have a crack.... stranger things have happened....
  16. I would like one of the ten have not been spoken for
  17. I am SO glad to see this section of the Hybrid website. I have a 250 GTO convert, just getting back into finishing it. I have not yet read all 58 pages, lol, but intend to and intend to hopefully be a meaningful contributor tot his thread.
  18. I ordered mine from Ross Automotive Machine... the only company I found that breaks it in AND sends you the video of YOUR motor actually running.
  19. Thank you to all that replied. I have spent many hours reading the previous posts about the swaps and am very grateful for those that have shared their knowledge and experiences. The deal seemed a bit too good to be true, so I thought I would ask the forum members. I guess I will end up going with the FutoFab setup when it becomes available. Thanks again to all that post here. Jim
  20. I saw this ad on eBay for these half-shafts. Don't know if they are worth it or not, but considering the expense some have put into changing out the half-shafts, I thought I would mention it. I don't know if it allowed to put a link, but this is the auction number 221481941600 i am tempted to take the plunge because there is a 2 yr warranty and the guy has decent feedback. Any thoughts? Medic8
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