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Collins adapter L series to CD009 (350z) transmission

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I have been in touch with Collins adapters they said if I can get 5 people interested and an adapter at $399 per adpter they would make it. It would be awesome to be able to put the 350Z 6 speed in a s30 chassis attached to an L series. I would be the one just need 4 more people to commit.

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This guy was going to do one.  Don't know where he ended up with it.  You could send him a message.






Edit - his Facebook page says they should have been ready by December.  Scroll down to November 11.  Facebook sucks for running a business.



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Last I heard from Hoke is he was targeting April for prototyping. He does good work but I believe it's a side thing for him.


Nicksturboz have you investigated the transmission mount, driveshaft, and shifter mount? All those things will need to be changed too and you would probably get more sales as a complete kit or at least instructions. 


I'm still on the fence with what to do with my 73 so I say, interested but not putting down any money. 

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Hey Guys, 


I realize it has been a long time since I originally posted my adapter progress here, I worked on it for a couple months and then put it in the corner as I was working on other projects and only do this on the side...that was like 2 years ago :(.  


LS kit are now in production and the CD trans has my full attention.  I am on track to have the complete prototype together in April, I'll be 3D printing the last parts for functional fitment this weekend.  After that I could potentially get a few plates in folks hands for beta testing.  I have a local gentlemen who will be the first tester and allow me to design the transmission crossmember and other bits and pieces to make it a true bolt on, which will take a little time past the April proto.


So to be more specific:

March - Finalize design, 3D printed parts to compliment machined plate. Physical mockup and bench test

April - Machining prototype parts.  Prototype Mockup and bench test.  Pricing Release. 

End of April/May- Potential for first Beta testers plate only

End of May/June - Full Kit availability with transmission mount etc


Collins makes some nice products and does this full time I believe, so I certainly understand looking for another faster route especially given the huge pause I had on this..  I will say that I doubt a turn key setup will be 399,  Right now I am targeting around 1k or so for for the plate, spacers, shifter relocation, trans mount, hardware, and driveshaft. It seems like a good target right now but I wont have firm numbers until after all the parts are finalize in the coming weeks.


Anyhow here is a link to my site with pictures of the plate:



And I will be posting updates on facebook:



Sorry to thread jack but just wanted to let you guys know this will be an option and I'm still alive :)



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The colllins adpter would only be the adpter plate I should have specified. I've always been the type form follows function lol .... so if I can bolt it to the engine.. I will find a way to finish the install but would love a bolt in kit. I would just love to see this go somewhere. I'm tired of the 5 speeds I keep getting stuck in 2nd and 3rd gear or hearing a loud bang and no more trans. Now granted I keep using junkyard 280ZX Transmissions but I haven't felt the need to spend the money on a transmission unless it's a 6-speed.

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Hey Nick, 

The plate is pretty straight forward I actually already have that done and the two bolted together.  The VQ uses a dual mass flywheel which is thickner and places teh clutch in a different spot relative to the clutch.  The input shaft still pilots in the same places but the clutch has to move.  What I am doing right now is spacing out both the flywheel and the through out bearing to get everything in the optimal spot, then you have to adjust the starter as well (and shifter location, and trans mount)  I have rapid prototype parts coming off the printer as we speak...hoping to have a nice good mockup this weekend! (Im updating facebok and will bring my postin hte vendor forum back to life from here forward)



Certainly trying to make it as economical as possible and not require any precision machining.  It looks like some material removal will be required for the starter nose but should be able to accomplish it with hand tools...this is my next step to flush out.

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