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Problems Removing Strut Gland Nut 73 240z

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I'm having a real problem removing the strut, gland nut from my 73 240. I've tried a large wrench and a pipe wrench and have only managed to "chew up" the gland nut's flat surfaces and bend it. I suspect my only remedy now is to heat it with a torch but I'm concerned that I will destroy the "O" ring. It's been years since I've done this job and I can't remember exactly what the "O" ring looks like. My FSM doesn't describe the "O" ring or at least I can't find a description of it. Is it a common "O" ring that can be purchased or is it a real special type that is now, NLA? I sure would like some advice because I'm dead in the water until I can remove the nut.    

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