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What is needed to run 83 L28ET ECU

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So I have a 78 280z with an L28ET swap. The motor/distributor are from an 83 Zx turbo and the current ECU/harness is from an 81 280Zx  turbo. I would like to try an ECU from an 83 so it matches the motor/dizzy. The current CAS is in the dizzy on my car and the injectors use the dropping resistors that came stock from 78. The 81 ECU requires the external dropping resistors and the 83 ECU I want to use does not require them. I believe the resistors are located inside the 83 ECU. What is needed to make the 83 computer work on my setup? Is there something I need to do to the resistor wiring? Thanks. Hope I was clear.


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Well, you probably know by now my suggestion:  Don't waste any more time or money on the stock ECCS...


Having said that:  you can plug an '83 ECU in to test and it'll work.  If you're going to run it long-term, remove the dropping resistors and jumper them out.  They're arranged 4 resistors in one pack, 2 in the other.  Each pack has a +12V "in" wire and then "outs" to the injectors.  All the injectors are powered from the same source - all that matters is that you get all the 6 "out to injector" wires tied back to the voltage source wire(s).


Whatever problem you're having, is likely NOT the ECU.  It's likely wiring/connectors/harness/someonescrewedwiththeafmwhentheyshouldn'thave/and etc...  There is also no "advantage" to using an '82-'83 ECU on that engine that would justify the change - or cost.  Put your time and money into a new harness and a better engine management system - at very least a new harness (with a better engine management system).  That L28ET deserves it...

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Exactly what cgsheen said don't waste your time on old eccs system its ancient efi and very porblamatic. Throw it on eBay and take that money My advice is to go with Ms2 if your a on a budget even ms1 will give you room to grow your setup with tunability. Or anything for that matter over stock is better. Sds haltech ecumasters just to name a few

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