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Tips for removing 3M adhesive?

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I'm pulling out my interior to have a roll bar installed. I won't be putting any interior back in. The vinyl above the windshield, along the a-pilars, and above the doors was installed with 3M spray adhesive in the 90s. Now, I can't get the adhesive off. Every solvent I have tried just makes the adhesive smear from place to place, but I can't dissolve it enough to get it off the painted metal. Anybody have a "miracle solvent" that I should try?

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5 minutes ago, G-Tech said:

Goo Gone works. its not quick n easy but its what i use on it. ill try to get as much of the padding part of the tape off then use it on whats left. 


I'll also add that Goo Gone and its clones can be found in a spray bottle form, which should help with application, though you will still need to scrape/wipe the adhesive. Maybe a fine scotch-brite pad or something.

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What do ya know-after checking all the hardware stores and paint stores, I found a can of 3M adhesive removed at Auto Zone. Alternating that with mineral spirits, I made a lot of headway today and I would say that one more session should do the trick. I ordered some of that Bestine-it should arrive in a couple days. 

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