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L28et Dizzy no rpm Ms2extra

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Hey guys. My last issue is with my Dizzy on my MS2extra


I have had it working at some point during testing, but now it is not getting signal in car.


I have 12v power in red position on dizzy

I have white wire (tach wire) from ms2 harness in white wire position on dizzy

I have black wire (tach wire) from ms2 harness in ground position on dizzy with pull up resistor in ms2.


I have it wired and try to spin the dizzy by hand with no results in basic mode or in wheel mode because I am using the DIY wheel.


If i tap the black tach wire to the white tach wire (creating the tach current) I get rpm signal, but through my dizzy I do not.


I had one cas that came with the car that never worked so I bought the replacement to put in that worked, but now suddenly it seems fried or something.


Is there an easy way to test out the cas unit?





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I think Issa has a faulty CAS sensor as well. Trigger and Tooth logs are all over the place and intermittent.


Car ran great one run, then  as I watched in real time,   the Tooth logs took a dump and the car died.  Trigger logs and Tooth logs were very broken up. Think CAS said.... Buh Bye!!

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