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Patton Machine EFI

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I'm doing Rick's kit now and it is great. I've got a lot of it done, but the car won't be running for a few months. I'm in the process of putting the car back together after a complete tear down to metal. the kit itself is done very good, I had affordable fuel injection do my dizzy so the computer can control the timing. I also mounted most of the sensors on the air cleaner backing plate so I had to lengthen some wires.

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Installing a larger fuel line was the hardest part for me to this point.

Swapped my 240 fuel tank for a '75 280.

Getting ready install the kit next.

Where did you mount the pressure regulator?

How did you route your fuel lines?

Thanks for the response Larry.

- Chris M.


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I mounted the regulator on the fire wall near the heater hoses. I the fuel lines in the same place the factory did, I made new rubber insulators so the fuel lines would fit. I did my fuel lines out of -8 steel braided so I had to make an extra rubber block to hold the return line, I put it in between the factory ones and used a steel tie strap to hold it in place.

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I've  got a '72 240z by the way.

Hadn't thought of putting it there.

I was going to put it on the PS fender.

I'm planning on making some brackets for the 2 fuel lines and mount them in the stock location over to the carbs.

May do braided, not sure yet.

Think you could post a couple pictures?

Thanks again.



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I recently got four boxes in the mail from Rick...after 10 years he finally got back the last of my SU Body Samples to me! 
Trust me when I say, Rick Patton can supply an adapter for ANY Datsun SU from 65 through 78!
I know, I sent him a pair of each to make samples from...this will also apply to Isuzu, Toyota, and many other Japanese cars that used Hitachi-Produced SU's during that timeframe.

Yes, you could put these on a roadster, he has the patterns to do it!

One incident of my hoarde being used for the betterment of the rest of Datsun-dom!

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Sorry for the delay.

Tony, it was your endorsement that convinced me to go this route....Thanks.

It was not as easy as it seems, but if I could do it most people could. 

Turned out to be a very clean install in my opinion. Starts right up everytime. Idles high and drops just like it's supposed to. Only issue is after running a data log it seems I'm running lean.

Checked everything, can't seem to locate any issues. Any ideas?






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I just sent a check to Rick this week to get started on this myself.


Did you guys start with 3-screw SUs? I have 4-screw SUs mounted in my car, but I have a set of 3-screws ready to modify.


I already have a FPR  and fuel pressure gauge mounted in the engine bay when I swapped out the electric fuel pump for a Holley fuel pump. The headers have the bung for the O2 sensor, and I also ran braided hose to route the fuel lines away from the heat from the headers.


I anticipate having to get a richer fuel map once I have it installed and tested.


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