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  1. torynich

    N47 head (PRICE DROP), 240z bumpers, and more

    I'll take the bumpers if 1978280z5spd isn't interested anymore.
  2. torynich


    I'm looking for a Datsun/Nissan (not Subaru) r180 in 354, 390, or 411 ratio. (My first preference is a 390 or 411)
  3. torynich


    Leon, pm sent.
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  5. torynich


  6. torynich

    the start of the B.customs Z has begun..2jz 1000hp

    Did you ever get in to air racing?
  7. torynich

    78 RB26 260Z

    What brand are your front air dam and rear wing?
  8. torynich

    New S30 Shock and Spring Option

    So I tried ordering a set of shocks and springs for my early 260 off eBay today and my order ended up being cancelled and my money returned due to no stock. I tried contacting brandcarparts off their website also but never got a response. Is there any other affordable solution to springs and shocks without going coilovers?
  9. torynich

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    My 10 year old son and I are loving your videos. His vote is for a rear bumper but I'm liking your metal work skills and think you should go the shaved bum route...
  10. torynich

    Patton Machine EFI

    I have been toying with the idea of going this route also but have not committed to it yet. Even if you don't get any response please make an install post!
  11. torynich

    Zx 5-speed

    I'm looking for a 82-83 zx 5-speed. Any condition would be considered. I'm located in Delta Colorado and would be able to set up shipping on my end.
  12. torynich

    Zx 5-speed

    I found a transmission, thanks everyone.
  13. torynich

    N42 3.0 trackday build

  14. torynich

    Zx 5-speed

    Thank you borini63 and malibud. You have a reply pm malibud.
  15. torynich

    Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    Kinda diggin the roof portion of type 2...
  16. torynich


  17. torynich

    Building an L28 (NA)

    Maybe remove the valve cover and verify the cam followers didn't pop off those two cylinders for some reason.
  18. torynich

    How to search HybridZ from a search engine

  19. Can someone tell me the search string to enter in to Google to search HybridZ?
  20. I tried to send blue72 a PM but got a message that blue72 is not able to receive any messages. None of the pics are loading up for me, is there any way to get them restored for this thread?
  21. You say you unscrewed the mixture adjustment knobs all the way. Did you leave them all the way unscrewed? If so, then yes, you are running "stupid rich". Miles's answer will be the best thing you can do.
  22. torynich

    Advice needed for thread inserts

    Keenserts are a good way to go also http://www.repairengineering.com/keensert.html