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Strut tower brace

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Tried PM'ing you, but got a pop-up notice that said you can't receive messages.  Weird.  Maybe something going on with the website right now?


Anyway, I have this rear strut bar.  Ran it in the rear of my '73 260, which has the same struts/strut towers as the 240.  The end plates can also be run on the front strut towers, with a different cross bar.


How about $55 plus shipping?






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Sure they do, as long as the plates retain the same 3-bolt pattern as the stock struts.  I have coilovers and bolt-in camber plates front and rear on my cars, and used this bar no problem on two different cars. 


Some weld-in plates may preclude the use of a strut tower bar like this (and most others that are commercially available), but that's up to the owner to decide.  I suppose the bar's mounting plates could be re-drilled to be compatible with other suspension set-ups; but again, that's up to the owner.

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Hi John 

I will take the brace I couldn't login onto the.site for a few day's  . Must have gotten locked out due to too many attempts. I  had forgotten my password .

Please let me know if you still have it.

Zip code for shipping 



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Hey DAT240z, thx for the reply.  Yes, it's still available; but I would have sold it to LS6 if I hadn't heard back from you today, so I'm glad you were able to get back on the site.  I'll get you a shipping quote this weekend.  In the meantime here's a couple pics of it in my '73 260z, which has the same short rear struts as the 240.  (The guy I bought it from had it in the rear of his '72 240z).


Sorry, LS6240z....looks like it's sold; but I'll certainly let you know if anything changes.  Thx very much for your interest.




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DAT240Z, I have a shipping quote and tried to PM you again, to no avail.  Got the same message "DAT240Z can not receive messages". 


If email or cellular text will work better for you, send me your contact info.  Thx.

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