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  1. Thanks jhm! I definitely appreciate the opportunity. I'll keep looking for one 😭.
  2. Hopefully shipping is not crazy if I end up getting it. Lol
  3. Thanks jhm. If this fits my 73 240z. Seems like according to into it would? I'll buy it and can do PP. Thank Charith
  4. Hi I also have interest if the buyer falls out. I could use it for my 73 240z. How much is shipping to 92505 ca. Thanks Pm 9514796398 as I don't go on the page as much. Thanks
  5. Ok no worries. Just to clarify they are 16x9.5 neg 19 offset with 245 45 16 toyo T1R Tires with. Thanks
  6. I have ne New watanabe rs wheels with brand new toyo tires in 16x9.5 all around with neg 27 offset....center caps and lugnuts included. Tire size 245 45 16 I think. .sell for $2500firm. Text 9514796398 if interested. ..
  7. U are doing some amazing work very clean and detailed. Glad I saw the post on FB. Keep it up!
  8. They have one on ebay. Starting at $23g but he was asking for 30g. He has a few video on utube... claims 1000whp and under 9 sec qt mile... http://m.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Z-Series-/252397051795?nav=SEARCH
  9. congrats keith. . awsome to see. kept watching over and over again
  10. i have a LS6 from a 2004 cts v. . the camaro braket will not work bec the spacing on the pulley are different. i bought a alternator braket from Dirty Dingo and relocated on the driverside top. . but if you have a stock corvette alternator braket that might work for you since its a top mount alternator and i dont see why you cant use your own alternator. . as long as the engine harness is the same it should fit. i think the camaro alternator only has one wire connecton. the LS6 has a two wire. hope it helps.
  11. wow really love the way it looks. . engine bay looks clean and the paint work looks great. . wish i took more time prepping my engine bay with some filler and sanding. .keep up the great work
  12. i have a LS6 with the TR6060 trans from a 04 cts-v. . the alternator braket from the camaro did not work for me due to spacing. but i was able to install the engine with the JCI kit. i do not plan on chaning the pullys so planing on finding a top mount alternator braket to make it work. hope that helps.
  13. hi guys. .my name is charith from CA. just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to everyone. I have a 72 240z that I had for almost 3years and its been a lot of fun. slowly I been upgrading the car and I already have done tokico shocks and springs, new tires, Toyota 4 piston calipers and new disk in the front, 15 reverse mesh SSR wheels, carbon fiber look air dam and rear spoiler. now im getting into new territory bec I am doing a LS6 swap and will probably need help in the future. this is my first build and my friend and I are building together. I got the engine install with the JCI kit and I already have the engine harness from PSI with cpu, sanderson headers, corvette fuel pump/regulator, 3 core radiator, walbro 255 fuel pump with a 16 gal summit racing fuel cell. I will try to post pics asap. Jim from SF and also a member from hybrid z have been helping and guiding me via text. hope to here from you guys soon. thanks
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