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Under Guard Kit 99090 Datsun racing

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15 hours ago, Villeman said:

Hey all,


i have always wonders about this thing here



Item 24. its the racing under guard. Anybody has additional information about that one, or even measurements? Looks like a good idea for german autobahn ^^


You did look at the date, that item would not be available now, the best reference for sports option parts still available for the S30 I've found is NISMO US.

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58 minutes ago, Villeman said:

i think so! + I would like to reproduce it, not purchase it. Thats why I would like to see the dimensions :)


thats w


Underbody Datsun racing.jpg


Rather obviously, the above photos show two different parts.


Top photo (that's my photo, I believe...) illustrates the 432-R type 'Undershield', part number 98200-E8700. This was essentially an aero-oriented part, and matches up with a dedicated FRP front apron unique to the 432-R model.


Bottom photo is the 99090-N3075 'Under Guard', which was aimed at rally use on L6-powered cars and mounts lower on the car (as rally car ride height was typically higher than stock). It was designed to be a protection-oriented part, rather than aero. Hence its relative thickness at 10mm in comparison to the 432-R's approx 1.5mm thick FRP Undershield.

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6 hours ago, Villeman said:

Ah, good to know.... I would go into the areo direction. Any idea who could have dimensions?



Stating the obvious again perhaps, but the dimensions are on the car...


If you're going to fabricate something yourself, make it to fit your car, not something else.

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