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Reproducing factory decals - What's needed?

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I'm starting to reproduce some of the factory decals that are NLA and not available as reproductions already. First up is the valve cover's spark plug decal. Not what I would consider concours quality (finish and print thickness is slightly off), but good for my restomod. 


Testing one under the hood of my daily driver to verify my suppliers materials are up to the task, after which I plan on offering these and others to the Datsun community. 


Currently asking what other decals are people looking for that aren't already being reproduced? I'd like to also offer 'modernized' versions of factory decals to suit the restomod crowd (think carburetor decals with tripples, paint code decals with YOUR custom paint code, etc.).


Currently I'm offering one free replica for anyone who provides a usable factory decal to work off. These don't have to be perfect, but legible and intact enough to provide a good basis for redrawing it digitally to exact scale. I also must have enough interest in any particular decal to cover the production cost. This is actually the cheap part considering I'm essentially doing the design work for free.


Currently looking for:


Tire inflator decal
Glove box cards/decals
Air filter decals




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7 hours ago, calZ said:

There was someone here recently who was looking for the emissions decal, as he couldn't pass smog without it. 


Those are well within the scope of what I'm looking to provide, but I will need one to work from. If another year is same in every other aspect I can make it the year he needs easily enough. 

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