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1975 280Z Laser Scan

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This weekend, my coworker and I will be laser scanning the inside and out of my 280z.

The model will be setup as such:

1. Fenders and front bumper off

2. All doors open, windows down

3. Interior stripped (except ceiling)

4. Wheels off

5. RB25, tranny, installed

6. Core support cut/altered


I will be hanging the fenders, bumpers, and my turbo from my garage rails in such a way that they are included in the scan as well. I will be able to piece together the model eventually.


The reason I'm bringing this up is I will be making the point cloud available for purchase and download. It will be a multi-gig file, so I will need to setup an FTP.




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On 2/19/2019 at 12:31 PM, socorob said:

What kind of files are they?


It will be in Autodesk ReCap .rcp file format and VirtuSurv .pvp file format. For drawing files, I use .dwg exclusively at work and mostly at home. Therefore, I will have a steep learning curve modeling in any other format.

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This is what I'm scanning tomorrow. I'm not disassembling the dash, therefore, that will need to be hand-measured at some point. I'm scanning a few other things in addition. Do yall think I should mount a fender on one side so that it's not warped by sitting or hanging somewhere?







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Coworker is finishing up the virtusurv files right now. I think he may just need to finish registering the scans. Could all be ready as early as tomorrow, late as this friday. I also need to arrange and setup a password protected FTP.

Guy scanned the dash the best he could, attached a photo of the condition of the dash as it was scanned.


Overall we got in at least 40-45 scans; 12 minutes each scan, 5 hours of scanning, 2 scanners, no breaks


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Soo...it's rough. Scanners do not like gloss or glass. However, the virtusurv file is perfect. Resolution? Oh, I really have no clue as I only know how to work with the finished product and primarily use it for refinery design. 


It takes a lot of sectioning and clipping to drill down on specific parts, however, it's all there. 


I need to take more measurements because my initial measurements between shock towers seems too short. 






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Good news: I don't feel ethically right selling the point cloud because the quality is not as high as I would expect, had I purchased one. Therefore, I'm going to make it available for download for free.

However, you will need to be able to import .rcp files. There is also a .pvp file you can use Virtusurv to read. This is invaluable because it allows you to precisely dimension parts using photos among other things. There is a Scene2Go .exe file included so you won't need to download software for that. Just find the .exe file. I will post directions.


In the future, I would like to use a creaform hand-held scanner to get extremely detailed scans. 


I'm using this scan to create space frame pipe spool drawings (isometrics) for fabrication. I'm also going to create spool drawings for my down pipe and other stuff. I'll eventually buy another shell since the metal in my current 280 is in too great of shape (with exception of frame rails). 


I don't have the means to fabricate stuff myself, so I have to create drawings and send them off. 


Give me until the end of the week and I'll post links.

scan file.PNG

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Hi Jeff, 


I work in the stress analysis and additive side in aerospace, I have software that can help transform the point cloud to parasolid surfaces. If you let me have a go at it I should be able to convert these to easier to work with surfaces based on control curves. From there you could work with making body kits or visualize them much easier. 


By the way, awesome car. 



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BTW, still uploading. I can't use my employer's upload bandwidth so I'm using my home's. Last I saw it said 200 days, I doubt it'll take that long. If you want to paypal me the money for an SD card and postage, you can. Or, you can send me a shipping envelope and SD card and I'll mail it back. PM me if you want to do either.

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