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MS3 Pro Ultimate first start problems


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Hi Guy's,


Man am I having trouble getting this thing to run using the new ECU. A little background, the car was running fine up until I decided to "upgrade" the ECU lol It has been running for over 10 years using an Electromotive TEC II. Switching to a MS3 Pro. I'm using all of the same sensors that I used on the TEC. coils are DIY's 3 pack running in wasted spark mode.

First attempt, it started but didn't run very long and was pig rich. I looked at my old TEC tune and noticed the required fuel was a lot higher on the MS3 so I dropped it a bit. Same situation, started, but didn't run for long, maybe 4-5 seconds. So now I start troubleshooting from scratch and find the first coil in the pack isn't firing so basically I'm running on 4 cylinders. Gotta be it! Not quite. To make this part of the story a little shorter, the Quad Spark that I received was defective. It had the output going to that pack grounded so if the Quad Spark was mounted, no spark to 1 and 6.

Now I have a new QuadSpark but she still won't run. Spit and sputter but that is it. Since I am using a trigger wheel that I mounted to the balancer for the TEC, I'm starting to question myself on where I have the pickup mounted. I'm sure the pickup was mounted at the 11th tooth after the space would put it at 66 degrees but..... 

Did everyone else have this much trouble getting their MS3 to run?



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Ok so a little more information. The TEC CAS mount put the CAS at 84 degrees after the missing teeth at TDC.  So I now have 84 degree set for missing tooth #1 angle BTDC. I originally had this at 66 degree as that is what I had it set for on the TEC. I figured that would do it but not quite. What are you guys using for crank advance and can anyone share their ignition table?



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You can just fill the timing table with 20 for off boost shakedown purposes. 


Did you turn the engine to TDC1(piston position, not just crank pulley mark) and physically count the teeth between the missing teeth and the crank sensor? That will get you very close.. Mark the crank pulley or side of a trigger wheel tooth if the timing mark on the pulley doesn't line up with the pointer. 


If the car starts with that setting, set the timing to fixed at 0 degrees. Now make your fine adjustments. 

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I figured out ignition offset. Got that set now. It was actually 66 degrees lol

I just got the injectors back from being cleaned so I know they are working but I'm really at a loss now. I can get the engine started but lets just say it isn't running correctly. I threw in a set of fresh plugs and it started a little easier but then the AFR's went way lean and there was popping out the exhaust, caused by a miss. Pulled the plugs and this is what I find.

I've also attached the log file of the start.


Any ideas???



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Looks like your Spark A ( Cylinders 1 and 6 ) coil pack isn't firing for some reason. Or is misfiring. Misfires will always show Lean on an O2 meter... even though plugs are wet with fuel. 


 Check your Ignition settings for the Quadspark. Pay attention to proper grounding. https://www.diyautotune.com/support/tech/hardware/quadspark-ignition/megasquirt/ 

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  • 1 month later...

I just realized I never updated this thread for people who were following.


Well the problem was always timing. The biggest issue was the way the Quad Spark was wired. The way it was wired, coil 2 was in coil 1 position and coil 1 was in coil 3 position. Obviously that left coil 3 in the 2 position. When I was setting trigger offset, I was checking when plug number 1 was firing which was firing when cylinder number 2 should have been. Following? I know, a huge cluster f. I only found out what the issue was when I tested just 1 coil. I tested coil 1 and low and behold, cylinders 3 and 4 fired! I ten check the others and none fired the cylinders they were supposed to fire. Now I could have just moved the plug wires around but that would have been too easy. So I rewired the QuadSpark the way it should have been. After that, the got the plugs firing in the correct order and then reset the trigger offset and the damn thing fired right up!

So yeah, I'm now an expert on wiring this damn thing lol.


Now to finish up the tuning which I have been slacking on.

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