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1976 280Z with some quircks

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So I bought this car by mistake. I honestly thought I wouldn't win the ebay auction when I made my offer...stupid me. Anyway, I am looking to get rid of it, all out, or part it out. What are your opinions? I already have a 1975 280Z project going on and this is just too much for me to tackle.


It came with four carbs total, has two rear coilover setups, an aftermarket gas tank, some janky custom metal work (no offense if one of you originally owned it) and some chassis reinforcement that I actually like. 

Alloy wheels

Not sure if the diff is original, but probably is.

Comes with another R200 with a "limited slip device" installed inside it.

Also, something weird is going on in the back. There were some racing lights installed on cards, which are in my garage. There also looks to have been a wing at some point. The lock mechanism needs replacing and the driver door linkage needs fixing. You have to hold the lock UP to open it...won't open from the outside.


Here is the link to my dropbox with all the photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e6j0h829xuizkxu/AAA2yzieFc72zxkFWHuTEcITa?dl=0

I've attached 4





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inaccurate description of wheels. Might be wheels from a ZX instead of Z
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It has a 240Z rad support, rear strut towers, seat mounts, and rear bumper indents. So not only does it have a lot of botched work done to it, it also has an identity crisis. Could be an early 260Z chassis since it has the crash bumper support structures. I hate to see a Z parted out but I think that's a part out candidate.

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$1500 is not bad, the panels alone should get you that back then you get keep all the goodies for yourself. I found the best thing about a parts car Z was all the fasteners, they are getting hard to find and it's nice to get them all re zincd and have them on hand for when you need them.

Parting a Z is a drag but you have to think about all the guys you are helping to get their Z's on the road.

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