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Can't log in


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I can't log into the site using my password. I can only log in by resetting my password. Once I reset it and try to log back in, it says it's incorrect, which it isn't. At first I thought it might not like my 32 char pw, so I shortened it to 12 char, but still no dice.

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On 8/16/2021 at 5:30 PM, grannyknot1 said:

I have been here for years then recently I couldn't login, tried everything, finally had to re register with a slightly different name. Lost all my history.

I had to go back to my old Desktop PC to find my account which is just as well since the new computer shows nothing but ads popping up every where.

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I am experiencing a similar issue. I have tried logging in after a couple years and am not able to. I selected the "forgot password" and entered in my email but have not received anything from hybridz. Who can I reach out to to get this fixed?


Also, I just ended up creating a new login with the same user name but with just a "1" at the end of it just so I can post on here.


Actually I just looked back and I forgot that my last post was this year. I dont know what happened between the time of my last post and now but i still am not able to login. any help would be appreciated.

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I just posted this to our admin forum.  I think it will take intervention from SuperDan to fix.  I also asked if there was a way to link old/new accounts for those of you that had to create new ones.  Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing all of you.  


Almost all of my "admin" time is pruning spam from the threads hoping to keep the information ratio up.




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