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Hi, just joined from Australia. I In the process of restoring  a 1975 280z I bought from a guy who brought it over form The US when he immigrated to Australia. This model was never sold in Australia and so I will be relying on knowledge about the car from its home country. Unfortunately I bought it in pieces so I’m assembling it from books and google. I won’t be running the original injection as I have a set of triple 44mm Mikuniu carbs. Engine is the original L28 with forged Venolia pistons and custom camshaft.



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Wow, that is looking GREAT so far.


I have a 75. Engine questions you probably have figured out, but I might be able to help on chassis related questions. They're all pretty similar though, this is likely the same as your 75 260 in australia other than the bumpers. I'm not sure how many of the chassis changes we dfferent between countries. We only got the 280 to compensate for emissions regulations that bogged down the power.


I started with a 76, have a 75 now, and have completely cut apart a late 70/early 71 model, but others here have even more experience with the changes. 

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That is a good looking start!  It might serve you well to do a lot of careful inspection of the common rust areas before you begin assembly operations, in case someone didn't do proper repair work.

I am starting a 76 in the same condition (disassembled, not painted), and making changes to wire harness currently.  Actual assembly will be sometime next year, after I get a shop built.  I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress. 


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