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Collapsed roof repair

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My Datsun 280Z has a collapsed hood. While being stored in barn my daughters dwarf goats decided sleeping on the the roof was a good idea. Their weight was enough to collapse the roof. I can bang on the inside of the roof panel to pop it back up but there is a deformed ring where the metal bent during collapse. What's a few methods I can try to fix the damaged panel?  See pic



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I had a similar issue with the roof, I did the following.

-pushed it up from the inside, because the metal is already stretched it'll have a lot of flex it to.

-once its pushed up I would hammer and dolley the areas surronding the dent to smooth everything out.

-you'd be stretching the metal more so it'll have a tin can sound to it, you'll need to shrink the metal back

-continue to hammer and dolley until your happy with the end result

If anyone has anything to add to the above please do so.

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