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2021 s30 Windshield Seals

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So I managed to get a OE windshield in good condition for a good deal. I know that you can still get good windshield weatherstrip OE Nissan. 


Does anyone have any recent insight on more cost effective options? Lots of complaints in the archives on the precision seals with gaps along the edges. I saw vintage rubber sells some windshield seals but I wasn't sure if they're just rebranded precision. Sent them an email weeks ago but they never got back so I'll try calling them sometime next week. 


Any thoughts on what the best option(s) is/are in 2021? 


Also, not to throw shade but for reference if anyone has insights on what does not currently work that would be great. The complaints on precision for example span 2 decades or more to fix their molds. If they've fixed them or not it would be good to know. 

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I have done two 240z restorations (2001 and 2009)  and was able to use the Precision kit for everything, but the doors, windshield and outer hatch seals. My windshield and hatch seals are OEM and they fit perfectly.


Re: Vintage Rubber


It was my understanding that they were making their own rubber seals from scratch. All you can do is call them and ask if they are just selling the Precision seals or making new seals.






Also, for current restoration information, try researching the Precision kit at the Classic z Car Club:  https://www.classiczcars.com/



Lastly, I recommend this book for anyone restoring/working on a 240z/260z/280z:


"How to Restore Your Datsun Z Car" by Wick Humble.  Available at Amazon.


Hint: For the windshield and hatch seals, install the stainless steel trim in the seal before installing it in the car.   And the rope trick works perfect.


If I were doing this today, my first choice would be OEM seals and maybe Vintage Rubber after a complete review of their products.


For certain the Precision windshield and hatch seals were deformed in the corners and impossible to use.






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I replaced my windshield last year using the windshield seal from Vintage Rubber.  I wanted the style seal that omits the metal trim, and Vintage Rubber was the only vendor I could find that offered this style (they call this version the "Cal Style").  I have nothing but good comments about them overall:  they responded to my email questions quickly; shipped quickly; and I was impressed with the quality of materials and fitment of the seal itself.  Installed it "dry" (i.e. no glue or liquid sealant of any kind) using the "rope" method and it's been leak-free since Day 1.  No deformities in the corners and a nice, tight, dry seal all the way around.


Whenever I get around to replacing the seal on the hatch glass, I intend to use the Vintage Rubber seal there as well.


When doing my research prior to purchasing, I found a bunch of negative feedback on the Precision products as well.  Seems like their quality control continually varied.....sometimes you got a good product and other times you didn't.  


For the door seals, like @Miles suggested, I used the generic auto parts store stuff.  I've also bought seals from Steele Rubber Products, and they have a really good application guide and tech info on their products:  https://www.steelerubber.com/steele-rubber-home-universal-parts-push-on-weatherstrip


Hope this helps.

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I second jhm's comments above,  I installed the OEM style Vintage Rubber seals with grooves for the stainless trim on the windshield and rear hatch glass in 2019. They fit perfectly and do not leak. The stainless trim went in fairly easy and actually fit better in the the corners than the Nissan OEM seals I removed in preparation for paint.


As a footnote, I bought and tried to use Precision door seals but could not get the doors adjusted properly, it seems they are too thick for use on a 240. The Precision seals for the quarter windows were fine.



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One year later I got the windshield glass back in. I used the vintage rubber seal and it fit perfectly all around with no gaps like I've seen on other cars. I still need to install the corner and bottom small trim pieces but I don't think that will be an issue with this seal, it's really pliable. Hopefully this helps someone



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Question:  I have a Precision seal kit for my 1978 280Z that was included with my car purchase by the prior owner.  Based on what I am reading, would it be worth even trying to use it for the windshield?  I am assuming in was produced in the last couple of years. 


Has anyone had windshield success with Precision seals?  Thanks.

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