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Hybrid Z at 2021 ZCON


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I want to thank all of you here for giving me inspiration for my build. I have adopted the Hybrid Z name for my build years ago since this site provided a lot of information that I consider priceless.


I was able to meet some great people at ZCON, some that know my build and others that just wanted to say hello and compliment me on my build. When I built this car I built it as my version of what a Z should be therefore I know a lot of people were not going to like it since it was my vision and nothing else.


Taking my car to ZCON for the 1st time and walking out of there with these awards it’s just incredible, especially with all the awesome cars I was competing against. It’s great to see the judges appreciate all the hard work and effort that has gone into it.


These are the awards I received.


  • 1st Place in Ultra Modified
  • Best Engine
  • Gold Cup- This was totally unexpected and shocking it was given to a Z with and LS3 since most of these guys are Nissan purists.


Again, thank you all for your support and keeping this site alive.

ZCON 2021.jpg

ZCON 2021-2.jpg

ZCON 2021-3.jpg

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On 9/5/2021 at 10:51 AM, G-Tech said:

That is a damn good question!!

Great job alainburon !!! Very clean car! I bet it was a shock for u being a LS car, good to see them understanding that not every Z has to stay original...

I hope that nitrous gets used!? 😁

Thank you and you are right I was shocked an LS car was chosen but I agree with you not every Z has to be original. I do appreciate the work it goes into an all original build too though. 


By the way the NOS is not just decoration....LOL

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