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Connector specifications

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ist there a list of connectors which were used in the Fairladies? 

I would like to build a complete new harness and if it is possible I would like to do that with the original-style connectors.
Does anybody know the manufacturers and respective connector series that were used? That would really help my search.

I know that I could get some of the connectors at http://www.vintageconnections.com/, but I live in Germany and would like to source the parts locally or at least inside the EU.

Thank you very much.



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As an FYI...if you don’t get the info you need here; you might try posting your question on ClassicZcar.com.  As a community, they are very much into original-type restorations.


Good luck with it — I applaud your commitment to originality!

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@JagoBlitz vintageconnections makes a very high quality product, i would recommend them over cheaper connectors you might find online. Here in the USA the 74' + model cars don't use many of the connectors, the wire connectors that are used on 260z-280z cars changed to be more weather proof. I noticed on my 73' the headlight connectors at the body harness use a similar style to what vintageconnections offers, my 74' has the more weatherproof ones.


I think they are just 6.3mm/2.8mm open barrel connectors. You should get 2  additional tools, a pin removal tool (a hard tool steel is worth getting here) and a crimp-die tool, just get it it makes the wires 10000% better, with less gremlins. Hella makes some quality connectors too, checkout their catalog and see if you can find something that works. If you can a part # would be nice to share.


Check vintage connections, I just order loose connectors from them and use them as needed. Make sure you order some cylinder shaped ones too, you'll need one for the thermostat sender, oil sender?, reverse sensors.





I told myself if I was ever gonna do my harness a 4th time I'll upgrade to delphi connectors. :)

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Contact Dave Irwin.  He is the most knowledgeable man on the planet when it comes to Z car electrical systems/parts/upgrades


On Hybridz Dave goes by  HLS30-08077           https://forums.hybridz.org/profile/1483-hls30-08077/content/page/7/?type=forums_topic_post


On Classic Z Cars he goes by: Zs-ondabrain  https://www.classiczcars.com/profile/4156-zs-ondabrain/


He has a business that builds electrical add-ons for Z cars:     https://www.datsun-240z-upgrades.net/what-s-new/




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