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The ultimate Z car strut solution (possibly?)

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I try to keep up with damper technology as it has been developing rapidly over the last 10 years or so. Basically what was F1 technology 10 years ago is now available to the public. Most high end dampers still rely on some way of controlling a fluid with valves, orifices, tubes or sleeves with special features to control extreme forces. The highest end are infinitely adjustable, consistent, and repeatable over long distances. Active and semi-active systems are often banned in motorsports and are just now becoming more popular.


Most modern sports cars have semi-active dampers that can be programmed for various effects and conditions. Corvettes have a very highly developed version of this. A suspension "master" spends countless hours developing the few programs that end up in the production version, up to and including sending test teams with 100's of tires to the Nuremberg Ring each year. 


Now that technology is available to the aftermarket. There are a few providers out there but I was really intrigued with these guys in Netherlands.




They sell a fully programmable stand alone strut with g force sensors that can be adapted to many platforms.  What really shocked me was the price. $6-7000 for a full package.  I know that seems expensive, but compared to high end struts (check out Motion Control strut prices) this is a total bargain. They can be programmed to fully control stiffness, roll, dive, and squat so no roll bars needed. Imagine 30+ year old car that is fully comfortable on the street, yet capable of setting lap records with a program change. Pretty much like a new Porsche or Corvette.

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Doesn't Tein already have a solution like this? 


I recall maybe 15 years ago I got a ride from a mutual friend who had a Tein coilover setup on his Lexus GS. He was able to adjust the rebound from a Tein module on the dash


Edit: Found an older article on it https://motoiq.com/tein-edfc-active-controller-suspension-tuning-at-its-best/

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