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Rotisserie Mounts


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It's finally time to put my car up on my chicken stand. I just wanted to double check that my rear mounting point would be ok. I've seen 240's using these but my early 260 didn't come with a rear bumper so I wanted to get a 2nd opinion that this spot was strong enough. I am using my old front bumper struts to bolt to the front (car didnt have the rears), its the rear I'm not 100 on.


Also, do you guys hop in the car when its up on the rotisserie? There are a few things I need to get to.




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That area is reinforced compared to the 240z. If you look on the other side of the panel you should see that it's made of some pretty thick steel with some reinforcement, and tied into the subframe, which also has reinforcements to hold the bumper shocks. The 240z has just a pretty simple bracket welded to the rear subframe. Your early 260Z might be slightly different from my 280Z but I doubt it. 

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I climbed all over mine when it was on the rotisserie, just be careful, it is possible to tip it. Most surreal part of working on mine was with car upside down sitting on the top of the windshield opening with my legs hanging out the front and welding rust on the cowl/firewall junction with my head right about where the pedals would be. 

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