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S30 Electric Power Steering (EPS) Install How To Video

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Nice job and nice car.  Very clean. I just did this install myself and was a bit surprised that the installation instructions were basically non-existent.  I ended up having to fabricate a brace for the motor to stiffen it up.  I had a lot of play without it.  


I was wondering what you are running in place of your air vents?  Are those tweeters?  Any more information and pics?






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I saw a video on Silvermine's system and they require a wire from the back of the Z tach to their control box. You did not mention that you had to hook up the tach signal, did you have to do that? I have a Chevy LT1 computer controlled engine and the tach signal actually come out of the ECM which I am sure is different than the tach signal in an ordinary ignition system.

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On 3/25/2023 at 9:54 PM, fusion said:

@Redline280Z, any comments on my questions above?

I believe I can help with that (sorry guys, I'm nearly a year late on my reply!)

We address the various methods for determining assist level here:  https://zpowersteering.com/?page_id=63


Bottom line, a hydraulic PS system is demand-based, so we've replicated that with our torque-sensing system and ECU.  Speed, RPM, and time of day are utterly irrelevant to power assist delivery.  Measuring torque differential via two inputs costs more, but it's simply the only way to accurately replicate the feel of a hydraulic setup. 

Thanks for all the positive comments!  

Greg (zpowersteering.com) 

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